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Mole removal for you

Mole removal is a procedure that individuals can opt for if they wish to remove their mole. You can choose from several different methods of having it removed such as surgery or laser mole removal to list a few.

Mole removal near me

It is a procedure that is only done by license medical practitioners who will take care of you throughout the process. The process starts from when you make a booking till after the treatment is over. Book your mole removal near you.

What is a mole?

A Mole are growths on a person’s skin that can vary in colour depending on their skin tone. They can appear anywhere on the skin either alone or in groups. Most skin moles appear during the early childhood and during the first 20 years of life.

What is a mole made up of?

A mole is made up of cells called melanocytes that are found scattered throughout our skin. These cells make our skin become tan by generating a pigment called melanin. A mole occurs when there are many melanocyte cells clustered together. Moles are generally harmless but it can be dangerous too.

What is a mole removal?

A mole removal generally takes a short amount of time to be completed and is usually done on an outpatient basis. This depends on what type of mole it is. A local anaesthetic will be administered prior to the removal so that you would not feel the pain. There is a possibility of a permanent scar or it might fade based on your age. 







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Mole Removal

Experience having a Picture Perfect Skin with the mole removal in London and across the UK.

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We use the best treatments available on the market and offer a 100% satisfaction rate on all procedures. That is why we are trusted by people of all ages, gender and profession.

Why Choose Our Mole Removal Service?

  • All of our practitioners are medicals licensed
  • We only use the latest and best quality technology for mole removal
  • We have a 100% Satisfaction guarantee
  • We have been in the medical business since 1979
  • We are partnered with various clinics across the UK
  • We cater to your needs and tailor our treatment to meet your specific requirements
  • We use ultra-premium products necessary for your mole removal. Our top practitioners, who have developed an incredible technique through years of experience whilst working for the world-renowned Harley Medic Global and other top institutions will recommend the best mole removal method for you.
  • Careful analysis of your skin for any moles which might be harmful


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Frequently Asked Questions about Mole Removal.

What are the benefits of Mole Removal?

Depending on the nature of the Mole whether it is harmless or dangerous, mole removal can prevent the spread of cancerous and pre-cancerous cells. In addition, it can help address your cosmetic concerns in one procedure. The results are permanent. Other benefits of mole removal would include preventing skin irritation, making shaving easier or some moles can be painful, a mole removal would ease the pain.

How do mole removal work?

The procedure will defer based on the method used and the type of mole that is being removed. Generally most mole removal will be conducted by a license medical practitioner.

Different types of mole?

A mole is also known as a nevus if there is more than one it will be referred to as a nevi. There are predominantly three different types of mole. The most common type would be the Benign moles which are normal as they are not a sign of melanoma or skin cancer. Dysplastic mole also known as atypical nevi may have edges which are not perfectly round, have more than one colour, be flat or raised. The last would be Congenital nevi which are moles one is born with or developed after both. If one has a lot of congenital nevi or a large congenital nevus, it increases the chance of them developing skin cancer in life. 

Different methods of mole removal

With surgical excision, it is the most invasive option. The practitioner would numb the area around the mole and proceed to remove the mole using a scalpel. This method is normally chosen for abnormal moles or those which are not suitable for the other options. They would then stich or suture the wound close. A shave excision surgery, would require the doctor to numb the area by injecting a local anaesthetic around the mole and use a surgical blade blade to shave the mole off. This method requires no stitches or sutures and is suitable for raised moles or those that protrude from the skin.

The other method would be Laser mole removal is recommended for smaller, flatter and lighter coloured moles. The benefit for this method is it leaves minimal scarring. The practitioner would choose the most appropriate laser technology depending on the mole.

What is Melanoma?

Melanoma is a type of skin cancer that develops when melanocytes grow out of control. It is dangerous as it is more likely to spread to other areas of the body if not detected and treated early.

Is there a recovery time after mole removal?

The recovery time will differ based on the method. Typically, you will be able to resume your daily activities after mole removal.  We always provide extensive aftercare to make sure that your procedure is successful and goes exactly as you wanted. Our professional consultant will guide you on the process and give you the best aftercare available on the market. 

Are Mole removal safe?

It is unsafe to attempt to remove a mole by yourself. A doctor or a license medical practitioner will have to examined the mole first to determine whether it is harmless or not. Mole removal is a fast, safe process as long as it is not a harmful mole.

What are the risks?

One risk would be that based on the procedure it may leave a small scar, it might fade over time. You might experience some pain while the wound is healing or the wound might bleed a bit. There is a possibility of you having an infection if the wound is not taken care of properly.

Do mole removal hurt?

This would vary for each individual based on their respective pain thresholds. An anaesthetic would be administered prior to the method to ease the pain. 

Who will perform the treatment?

We only select the best practitioners to work with, before making an appointment we can advise you on who will be handling the appointment. You can have full trust in our selection of doctors as we only work with the very best in the UK and the world.

How long would the mole removal last?

The effect of a mole removal is permanent. The occurrence of a mole growing back is slim if it has been removed completely. If it does grow back, it means that there are some mole cells left behind in the skin thus allowing them to regrow. We recommend you to consult your doctor just in case as well. 


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