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Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Testing

  • COVID-19 Antigen Testing
  • Rapid Antigen Tests 15 Minutes
  • Home and clinic testing
  • Fit to travel certificate included

What is Rapid Antigen Testing?

The Rapid Antigen test is a Covid-19 test that does not require a laboratory in order to analyze results. For this reason, the results arrive much faster than the PCR Covid-19 test results, which must be sent to a laboratory to be processed.

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The Rapid Antigen test is done through a nasal or throat swab and is then placed into a liquid solution where the presence of proteins is searched for. If these proteins are found this suggests a current infection with Covid-19 virus.

How do I take a rapid antigen test?

Rapid antigen tests can be taken at home using our software-based testing system or they can be booked in a clinic. Select the option that suits you best below.

How fast are Rapid Antigen Tests?

As the name suggests, these tests are extremely fast and can be conducted by a health care professional in under 5 minutes. Results are then usually issued within 30 minutes of the test being conducted

Which Countries accept Antigen Tests?

  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Greece
  • United States of America
  • France

And many more countries accept the rapid antigen test, but it is best to check with your airlines.

Home testing - £29

  • Testing from the comfort of your home
  • Travel certificate included
  • Next-day postage
  • Same-day results


Clinic testing - £49

  • Testing at a clinic
  • Travel certificate included
  • Testing with a healthcare professional
  • Same-day results


Choose Your Test Location

Edinburgh (Oxgang) – £89

Ediburgh Oxgangs Test Centre, 6-8 Oxgangs Broadway, Edinburgh, EH13 9LQ

Edinburgh (Easter Road)- £89

Edinburgh Test Centre, 92-96 Easter Rd, Edinburgh, EH7 5RQ

Fife – £89

Fife Test Centre, 85 High St, Dunfermline, Scotland, Fife, KY12 7DR

Rapid Antigen Testing

Does the Rapid Antigen Test come with a Fit to Fly Certificate?

Yes, the Rapid Antigen Test comes with Fit to Fly certificate for Italy and parts of China. For other countries this Fit to Fly certificate will not be valid and you will have to book a PCR test in order to be able to travel. Check with your airline and destination country to determine which test you need.

When Will I Receive My Results?

Rapid Antigen Results are analyzed very quickly and are a fast and reliable way to get your results in a short amount of time. These results do not need to be sent to labs to be analzyed. This means that you can expect results the same day if you take the test with us.

Is the Rapid Antigen Test Reliable?

The Rapid Antigen Test is a realiable way to determine Covid-19 infection. However the Rapid Antigen test is less sensitive than a PCR test, due to the efficiency and speed of the Antigen tests. If you wish to get the most reliable and sensistive test, please book a PCR test with us.

Private Rapid Antigen Testing

We offer private Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Testing with Fit to Fly Certificates, for those travelling to countries that accept this form of Covid-19 test. In order to get a Rapid Antigen test done with us book online or call us at 0330 390 3666. You will then come to one of our clinics where the swab sample will be taken and analzyed by our highly-trained staff of medical professionals.

For More Information About Covid Testing Please Contact Us.

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Experienced Doctors

The results of the Rapid Antigen test are analyzed by experienced doctors.


Healthcare Professionals

We offer testing at our clinics with healthcare professionals.


Competitive Pricing

We offer competitive prices for the Rapid Antigen test.


Same Day Appointments

Book online or over the phone and get a same-day appointment for your Antigen test.


Results Received Same-Day

Come in to one of our locations and get your Rapid Antigen results emailed to you same-day.


Phone Service

Call us at 0330 390 3666 for further inquiries regarding your Antigen test.

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