Saudi Arabia Family Visit Visa

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Do You Need a Saudi Arabia Family Visit Visa?

If you are visiting Saudi Arabia for the purpose of:

  • Visiting family members
  • Visiting companions/ friends

 Then you require a family visit visa.

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How do I get my visa?

We have created a straightforward checklist of all the necessary requirements for getting your family visit visa sorted today. Keep scrolling to find it below.

To begin your visa or if you have questions please call or email:

Telephone: +44 207 727 7672


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Saudi Family Visit Visa Checklist

Updated 2020

Check 1

Must be valid for more than 6 months + two blank pages facing each other

Check 2

Passport Photos – Your application requires 2 recent passport photos with a white background

Check 3
Family Visa Form

You can get this and fill it out by clicking the start visa button below

Check 4
MOFA Letter of Invitation

MOFA stands for – Ministry of Foreign Affairs Government.

You can get a MOFA invitation from the person who is inviting you to Saudi Arabia by going to one of the MOFA offices. This usually takes 3 to 5 days and is critical in your application

Check out our video below.

Do you need a visa to visit your relatives in Saudi Arabia? We specialise in getting your Saudi Arabia family visit visa. Offering an all-inclusive service, that is both fast and affordable.



Saudi Family Visit Visa

Saudi Family Visit Visa Requirements:



Saudi Visa Invitation


Saudi Arabia Family Visa Form


Passport with 6 Months Validity


Two Colour Passport Photos

Who Requires a Family Visit Visa?

The Saudi Arabia family visit visa is for individuals who wish to visit close family members in the kingdom. Your close family members can provide an authorisation letter for the Saudi Arabia Foreign Ministry.


How do I get a Family Visit Visa?

To get a Saudi Arabian visa in London, your application has to be submitted by a verified agent. Fortunately, Harley Medic Global is verified. Check out our checklist below or fill out the visa form by clicking the button below and we will complete it for you.


saudi family visit visa

Call for more information.

Can I get a Saudi Arabia Family Visit Visa visa upon arrival?

No, UK nationals are required to have a visa before entering the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  

How long does a Saudi Arabia Family Visit Visa take to issue?

Same day issuance is possible, however, this can vary based on a series of factors.

Who requires a Saudi Arabia Family Visit Visa?

Individuals who are planning to travel to Saudi Arabia to meet their close family members.

How much are the Saudi Visa Fees?

Contact us on 0207 727 7672 to discuss full fees.

Do I need to provide my orginal passport for the visa?

Yes, you need to provide the original passport so that the Saudi embassy can issue your family visit visa.

Can I get a Family Visit Visa myself by going to the embassy?

No this is no longer possible. Only registered agents are allowed to process Saudi Visas. Harley Medic Global is a registered agent.

Can I obtain a Saudi Arabian visa from the UK If do not hold a UK passport?

If you have proof that you are a UK resident then this is possible.

Am I required to have an invite from Saudi Arabia?

Yes, it is the responsibility of your family to provide you with the correct invitation to enter Saudi Arabia. Call us on 0207 727 7672 to find out the correct template.

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