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Do you need a visa to Saudi Arabia?

If you are planning to travel to Saudi Arabia with a UK passport then it is necessary that you have a visa to enter the country.

There are roughly five main types of visas that you can obtain to officially enter Saudi Arabia. Find out which one you need by checking the next section.

How do I get a visa to Saudi Arabia?

It can be quite a confusing and complicated process for many people trying to understand the complexities of getting a visa.

To start with you will need to use a verified and authorised Saudi Arabia Embassy visa agent to submit your documents for most types of visas with a few exceptions such as a tourist visa.

Fortunately, we are an authorised visa agent and can help you with this process. Find out which type of visa you require by reading below or contacting us.

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saudi arabia visa

Fit to Fly Certificate

Most countries now require a Covid Fit to Fly Certificate. If you are travelling abroad then both airlines and governments may request a PCR COVID-19 test to show you do not have the virus. 

Which type of visa suits my entry to Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Visa Check

Here are the most popular types of visas used for entry into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Check which one suits you best by reading below.

Tourist Visa

This is a new visa that only recently came out. If you are travelling to Saudi for tourist reasons then this is the one for you.

Business/Commercial Visa 

This visa is for people travelling to Saudi with the purpose of conducting business, such as conferences and meetings.

Work Visa 

The work visa is explicitly used for the purpose of working in Saudi Arabia. This is not to be confused with the business visa which only permits trips relating to business ventures.

Family Visit

If you are travelling to Saudi Arabia to meet family members then this is the visa that you require.

Umrah/Religious Trip

If you are travelling to Saudi Arabia for religious reasons, such as travelling to Mecca then you require this type of visa.

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Saudi Arabia Visa

Saudi Embassy London Visa Agent

We can turn the stressful and time-consuming experience of getting a Saudi visa into a simple, straightforward process where we manage all aspects of the application for you.

With over 40 years of experience in dealing with Saudi Visa and Medical requirements, we are leading experts in the field. We are a registered agent with the Saudi Embassy meaning we are fully qualified to provide services relating to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We have a number of specialists who will personally manage your enquiry making sure you get the service needed, in a secure and fast time period.

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Saudi Arabia Visa Requirements

The requirements for your Saudi visa are extremely dependant upon the type of visa you are using to enter the country. Our advice is that you submit a form by clicking the “start visa” button and one of our experts will advise you on the best visa to suit your need and the requirements that they necessitate.

If you scroll down you will find that the detailed list of requirements for each type of visa.

General Saudi Embassy Requirements

  1. A valid passport with 6-month validity minimum
  2. Two blank consecutive pages in your passport for the passport to be issued onto
  3. Two passport quality photos
  4. A valid reason for travel
  5. Return flight tickets (if not for residency or extended work)
  6. The specific requirements for the visa you are travelling for which vary greatly.

Check our information lower down the page and select your visa type to find out in detail what requirements your visa has.

Frequently asked questions

Saudi Arabia Visa Fee?

For the new tourist visa, which can be applied for online and will cost SAR440 (about £95). The Saudi visa fee completely depends on the type of visa you are travelling on. It also can fluctuate depending on the passport you hold and the changes in the value of the currency.

Saudi E Visa Fee?

Visas can be applied for online and will cost SAR 440 Saudi Riyals (about £95). Or contact us for more information.

Where can I get a Saudi Arabia visa application form pdf?

We can provide you with a Saudi visa application form, just email us on and get yours from here.

What is the Saudi E Visa country list?

To find the full list of countries on the Saudi E visa click here and get all the information in detail.

Do you have a Saudi Arabia visa application form sample?

Yes, we can send you over a sample. To get your visa application form sample, email us with the header requesting a sample and one of our team members will send it to you.

Can you do the Saudi visa application online?

Generally speaking, you cannot do a visa application online. The only exception is for the tourist e visa. But for all other visas, you are required to submit your application to an agent who will pass it onto the Saudi embassy.

Can you get a Saudi Visa upon arrival?

No, it is not possible to get a visa upon arrival.

How long does a Saudi visa take to issue?

This depends on the type of visa required but anywhere from 2 days to a few weeks.

What are the Saudi Arabia work visa requirements?

The requirements for a Saudi Arabia work visa are as follows:

  1. 6-month Valid passport
  2. Two colour passport photos
  3. 2 consecutive empty passport pages
  4. Visa invitation form
  5. Visa form
  6. Letter of Introduction from your employer
  7. E-wakala
  8. Saudi contract
  9. Saudi work medical
  10. Attested qualification

Can you get a Saudi e visa refund?

According to the visit.saudi website once you request an e-visa you will not be able to cancel it under any circumstances.

Can you travel to Saudi Arabia due to Coronavirus?

Currently, all travel to Saudi Arabia has stopped due to COVID-19 with the exception of critical health care workers. However, flights are set to resume in September although this has not been confirmed.

Saudi Arabia Coronavirus updates

To get the latest Saudi Arabia coronavirus updates click here.

What is the new Tourist visa Saudi 2019?

The new tourist visa is an initiative set up by the Saudi government to permit tourists to enter the country.

Can you do a Saudi Arabia visa check by passport number?

You can check your Saudi visa and in particular e visa through email updates when you signed up online.

Business Visa

Do I qualify for a Saudi Business Visa?



Saudi Visa Invitation

You will need an invite from the Saudi Chamber of Commerce of Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This may require the company you are visiting to contact their counterparts.


Saudi Arabia Business Visa Form


Passport with 6 Months Validity

6 months validity and you must have two clear facing pages in the passport


Letter of Introduction from Employer


Two Colour Passport Photos

Saudi Tourist Visa

Do I qualify for a Saudi Visitor/Tourist Visa?



Saudi Tourist Visa Form


Travel Medical Insurance


Accommodation Reservation in Saudi


Bank Statement


Return Flight Details


Travel Itinerary


Two Colour Passport Photos

Saudi Work Visa

Do I qualify for a Saudi Work Visa?



Saudi Visa Invitation


Saudi Arabia Work Visa Form


Passport with 6 Months Validity


Letter of Introduction from Employer


Electronic Power of Attorney E-wakala


Saudi Contract Form


Saudi Work Medical from Our Clinic


Attested Documents


Two Colour Passport Photos

Family Visit Visa

Do I qualify for a Saudi Family Visit Visa?



Saudi Visa Invitation


Saudi Arabia Family Visa Form


Passport with 6 Months Validity


Two Colour Passport Photos

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