Coronavirus travel health

Check the latest information on risk from COVID-19 for Rwanda on the TravelHealthPro website.

See the TravelHealthPro website for further advice on travel abroad and reducing spread of respiratory viruses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Government of Rwanda continues to encourage the use of voluntary COVID-19 testing facilities.

International travel

Kigali Airport is open. Commercial flights to and from Rwanda are running but have not yet returned to full schedules.

Check with your travel company / airline, and the website of the Office of the Prime Minister, and the Twitter account of the Office of the Prime Minister for the latest information.

Entry and borders

See Entry requirements to find out what you will need to do when you arrive in Rwanda.

Returning to the UK

Travelling from and returning to the UK

Check what you must do to travel abroad and return to England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

If you plan to pass through another country to return to the UK, check the travel advice for the country you’re transiting. If you will pass through a red list country, book your hotel quarantine package before travelling to the UK.

You are responsible for organising your own COVID-19 test, in line with UK government testing requirements. You should contact local authorities for information on testing facilities. A test can be booked on the Government of Rwanda online platform.

Be prepared for your plans to change

No travel is risk-free during COVID-19. Countries may further restrict travel or bring in new rules at short notice, for example due to a new COVID-19 variant. Check with your travel company or airline for any transport changes which may delay your journey home.

If you test positive for COVID-19 in Rwanda before returning to the UK, the local authorities will expect the vast majority of people to self-isolate at home for 14 days or until you test negative for COVID-19. If you are visiting and staying in a hotel, you may be asked to self-isolate in your room, or to relocate to another hotel or another floor in your current hotel.

If you test positive, the Rwanda Biomedical Centre (RBC) will follow up and offer further tests until you test negative. You will be expected to self-isolate after testing positive and the RBC will conduct checks to ensure self-isolation compliance.

The RBC will monitor your symptoms and if they are serious, you may be moved to a treatment centre.

Further information about what to do if you test positive for COVID-19 in Rwanda and how you can keep in contact with the health system can be found on the RBC website.

Plan ahead and make sure you:

  • can access money
  • understand what your insurance will cover
  • can make arrangements to extend your stay and be away for longer than planned

Travel in Rwanda

Movements nationwide are no longer prohibited.

The Office of the Prime Minister publishes communiques setting out details of measures in response to COVID-19, on their website, normally every two weeks, and on the Twitter account of the Office of the Prime Minister.

All tourists are required to take a PCR test 72 hours prior to visiting Rwanda’s national parks, apart from Akagera National Park, at their own cost. Tests can be booked by appointment via reservations@rdb.rwor, tel: +250 (0)788313800. Tourists visiting Akagera National Park and other tourist destinations are required to take a rapid antigen test, which are available at numerous walk-in clinics in Kigali for RWF 5,000. Tourists without a negative test result will not be admitted to the national parks.


Accommodation is open and available for bookings.

Public places and services

The Government of Rwanda is taking measures to respond to COVID-19.. Citizens and residents of Rwanda must be fully vaccinated in order to access public places. People attending any event must present a negative COVID-19 test result taken within 48 hours prior to meeting. More details about the latest measures have been published on the Twitter account of the Office of the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister’s office publishes communiques setting out details of measures in response to COVID-19, including movement restrictions, on their website, normally every two weeks.


For contact details for English speaking doctors visit our list of healthcare providers.

Your emotional and mental wellbeing is important. Read guidance on how to look after your mental wellbeing and mental health.

View Health for further details on healthcare in Rwanda.

See also the guidance on healthcare if you’re waiting to return to the UK.

COVID-19 vaccines if you live in Rwanda

We will update this page when the Government of Rwanda announces new information on the national vaccination programme. You can sign up to get email notifications when this page is updated.

The Rwandan national vaccination programme started in March 2021 and is using the AstraZeneca, Janssen (Johnson and Johnson), Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, Sinopharm and Sputnik V vaccines. British nationals’ resident in Rwanda are eligible for vaccination if they choose to join the programme.

Under the national vaccination program, vaccinations are now widely available to those 18 and over. Booster vaccines are available to some groups of people, in Kigali. British nationals who have residential permits and wish to receive the vaccine can visit the nearest health centre to access it. You should monitor information provided by the Rwanda Biomedical Centre (RBC) and on the RBC Twitter account.

Find out more, including about vaccines that are authorised in the UK or approved by the World Health Organisation, on the COVID-19 vaccines if you live abroad.

If you’re a British national living in Rwanda, you should seek medical advice from your local healthcare provider. Information about COVID-19 vaccines used in the national programme where you live, including regulatory status, should be available from local authorities.

Further information

If you need urgent consular assistance, contact your nearest British embassy, high commission or consulate. All telephone numbers are available 24/7.