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Day 2 and 8 COVID Test

Choose your government-approved end of the quarantine package on the 2 and 8 day

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Day 2 and 8 COVID Test

By law from the government, we need to take a COVID test to end our quarantine. Due to the new rules&regulations, now we need to take either on day 5th or day 2nd and 8th. Depending on the country you are coming from to the UK borders, those rules apply. We do recommend you to check the government website if the country you are coming from is on the BAND list.

Fit to Fly COVID Test

Covid-19 2 & 8 Day Test  

Numerous clinics have started doing testing on-site in order to make your end of quarantine faster. It is best to book in advance and not right before a flight, in order to receive results on time for an important meeting or before your journey outside of the UK.



    On Day 2 And 8 Covid Test

    Covid-19 End Of Quarantine Day 2nd and 8th Test

    The 2nd and 8th day Test to release will be conducted by a healthcare professional, who will administer a nasal or throat swab. This sample will then be sent to the laboratories, where it will be analyzed for the presence of the Covid-19 virus.

    If no presence of Covid-19 is detected you will be issued a certificate with your negative results to your email soon after the analysis of your sample.

    Covid-19 Testing

    2 nd & 8 th Day Arrival Test Number #1 Testing Centres

    Fit to Fly COVID Test Liverpool

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    From Monday to Saturday.

    DAY 2 AND 8 Test To Release 

    Full COVID package for your 2 nd and 8 th day of the quarantine. Choose the nearest clinic to get you out of days of quarantine. Government-approved clinics and labs will take care of your samples during your 2nd and 8th-day testing.

    We do recommend you to check the government website if the country you are coming from is on the BAND list.

    Our tests are administered by healthcare professionals in order to minimize risk of error while conducting a swab sample.



    STEP 1

    Find us near to your home. Book now your 2nd and 8th Day Test To Release. We look forward to seeing you soon.


    STEP 2

    Our friendly professional team will take care of your samples during your end-of-quarantine.


    STEP 3

    We can imagine that staying at home for too long will be stressful. So we can provide you with an easy and comfortable alternative by sending your End Of Quarantine results on your personal email.

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