e-Vaccination Certificate

e-vaccination certificate for COVID-19

Please note these ‘e-vaccination covid certificates’/ ‘covid fit to fly vaccines’ are not currently available and this page is only regarding the potential information required in the near future.

  • e-vaccination Certificates
  • covid vaccine passport
  • Fit to fly vaccination certificate
  • Receive a Vaccine Certificate Upon Vaccination
  • Available When Approved by UK Government


COVID e-Vaccination Certificate

A Fit to Fly Covid Vaccine Certificate, also known as a Covid Vaccine Passport, would serve as a proof of vaccination against Covid-19 allowing passengers to travel between countries without risking the spread of Covid-19 to others.

Using this certificate would be a way to ensure safety of passengers on-board, and would not require repeated re-issuing as is the case with Fit to Fly Covid Test Certificates.

These Fit to Fly Covid Vaccine Certificates would serve as convenient and universal ways to uphold safe travel. Upon receiving the Fit to Fly Covid Vaccine Certificate, travellers would be able to use this as proof of safe travel, if it is so required by the airlines and destination countries.

For UK government information on vaccines click below.


Will the e-vaccination/ Fit to Fly Covid Vaccine Certificate be required for travel?

As vaccines for Covid-19 are being rolled out, travel industries are updating Covid-19 related health requirements and moving to transition to vaccination in hopes of increasing travel in 2021. 

Currently most airlines and countries require Fit to Fly Covid Test Certificates, proving passengers have tested negative for the Covid-19 virus. While the Fit to Fly Covid Test Certificate is unlikely to cease being used anytime soon, certain airlines have already announced plans to transition from this to Fit to Fly Covid Vaccine Certificates.

How does the e-vaccination certificate impact Fit to Fly Covid Test Certificates?

While some airlines have made statements about requiring Fit to Fly Covid Vaccine Certificates, others have stated that they would not be requiring these vaccine certificates. So while it does appear that throughout the course of this year countries and airlines will be moving to vaccination as a requirement for travel this does not mean that Fit to Fly Covid Test Certificates will be completely replaced by Fit to Fly Covid Vaccine Certificates.

We still offer and will continue to offer Covid-19 testing as well as Fit to Fly Covid Test CertificatesThe tests we offer include PCR tests, Rapid Antigen tests and Antibody tests. Please click on the button below in order to make a Covid-19 test appointment with us.

To get a standard fit to fly covid test click here.

Covid-19 Testing

When Will the Covid-19 Vaccine Be Available?

At the moment Covid-19 vaccines are not yet available for travel purposes. However, they will be available as soon as approved by the government. Once this is done you will be able to book an appointment with us in order to receive to get a Fit to Fly Covid Vaccine Certificate.

Must You Get Vaccinated Against Covid-19?

If your destination country and airline state that they require proof of vaccination for Covid-19, you must get a Covid-19 vaccine in order to travel. Anyone looking to get vaccinated for Covid-19 may book an appointment with us and go to one of our clinics where trained healthcare professionals will administer the Covid-19 vaccine. 

How to Get Vaccinated For Covid-19?

To get vaccinated you must use a government provider/ contact your NHS service.  They will issue you with a vaccine, however, in the future e-vaccination certificates may be available from us if requried by your airline and authrorised by the government.

Private Covid-19 Vaccines

Private covid-19 vaccines have not been approved yet.

If you have recieved a vaccination it may be possible to get an e-vaccination. Once completed you will receive proof of vaccination. Unlike Covid-19 tests the vaccination does not have to be completed prior to each trip.

For More Information Regarding Covid-19 Vaccination Please Contact the UK Government.

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