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Edinburgh Fit to Fly Covid-19 Test 

Includes a Covid-19 test and a Fit to Fly certificate. We work in partnership with government approved labs.

  • Clinic Available in Edinburgh
  • Competitive Prices on All Tests
  • Professional Staff
  • Fast Result Turnaround Times
  • UKAS + ISO Approved Tests

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Edinburgh Fit to Fly Certificate 

Fit to Fly certificates have become mandatory for travel to most countries and with most airlines. Our Fit to Fly certificates are approved by all airlines and countries and allow for hassle-free travel.

Edinburgh Covid-19 Tests 

We offer different Covid-19 tests depending on the needs and requirements of airlines and destination countries. 

Edinburgh PCR Test 

PCR tests are the most sensitive and accurate Covid tests available. The PCR tests are perfomed by a trained healthcare professional and sent to a lab where they are analyzed. These tests are required by most countries and airlines as they are the most accurate. We offer very quick tunraround times for our PCR tests in order to make travel easier.

Edinburgh based Antigen Tests 

The Rapid Antigen tests are a Covid-19 test with very quick turnaround times. When getting a Rapid Antigen test you are tested by a healthcare professional who then places the sample in a solution, and analyzes the results on the spot. The Rapid Antigen test also comes witth a Fit to Fly certificate if this is accepted by your destination country. Although our Antigen tests are very accurate they are not as specific as PCR tests which they are not accepted by all countries.

Antibody Tests 

The Antibody test is a Covid-19 test that determines whether or not you have had Covid-19 and have antibodies for Covid-19. The anitbody test is a blood test and is required for travel to China.

Do You Require a Fit to Fly COVID Test in Edinburgh?

If you are travelling in the near future we offer Covid-19 tests and Fit to Fly Certificates in Edinburgh. Book a test with us to make travel simpler and easier.

Our clinic is conveniently located and has professional staff who will perform the test for you. Once this is done the tests will be analyzed at one of our UKAS + ISO accredited labs and, upon testing negative, will be issued with the Fit to Fly certificate.



Edinburgh Airport Covid-19 Tests  

Many airports have started offering Covid-19 tests for travel purposes. While this can be a convenient way to get tested, these tests are often not aproved for all travel. When booking a Covid test it is best to do so in advance to ensure that you have all the necssary documents to travel.

Edinburgh Airport

Edinburgh EH12 9DN


    Fit to Fly COVID Test

    Edinburgh Fit to Fly Covid-19 Test

    The Fit to Fly Certificate is required by most countries. This means that prior to your travel you must obtain a Fit to Fly certificate which you receive upon testing negative for Covid-19.

    At the time of your appointment our healthcare staff will test you and then send the sample to the labs where the results will be analyzed.

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    Once your sample has been analyzed, and if it is negative, you will be issued with a Fit to Fly certificate sent to you email and you will be ready for travel.

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    Edinburgh’s Number #1 Testing Centre

    Fit to Fly COVID Test Liverpool

    Get your Fit to Fly Certificate in Edinburgh for £79

    Available Time: 09:00 to 18:00
    From Monday to Saturday.

    Edinburgh Covid Fit to Fly Test 

    In order to ensure you are receiving the correct Covid test, you should check with your destination country and airline to confirm which Covid-19 test you require.

    When travelling you must book your Covid test with a private clinic in order to ensure that your results will be accepted.

    Our result turnaround times are very fast. From the time of taking your test it will be 12-48 hours until you have received your results.

    In order to reduce the risk of incorrect sampling, our tests are administered in-clinic by healthcare professionals.



    STEP 1

    Call us or book a test online. We will send you a confirmation and instructions for your test such as location and timing.


    STEP 2

    You will conduct your test at one one of our clinics and we will expect to send you the results by 11:00 pm the next day if you attend before 14:00.


    STEP 3

    You receive your results and certificate by email and you are now ready to fly. Have a great trip!

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    Fit to Fly COVID Test.

    For information from the UK government on travel restrictions and advice click here. 


    Fit to Fly Certificate in another city?

    If you require a Covid Fit to Fly Certificate. but don’t live in Edinburgh, then click here to see all of our clinics.

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