33 Nine Elms Lane, London SW11 7US

020 77499 9000

Monday-Friday 08.30-17.30

HIS EXCELLENCY THE HONOURABLE ROBERT WOOD JOHNSON IV  Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (Since 24 August 2017) 

Mrs Suzanne Johnson

Ms Yael Lempert  m  Deputy Chief of Mission

Mr Michael Raiole  m  Minister Counselor for Coordination Affairs

Ms Courtney Austrian  m  Minister Counselor for Public Affairs

Ms Jennifer Gavito  m  Minister Counselor for Political Affairs

Mr John Schutte  m  Counselor of Embassy for Economic Affairs

Ms Karen Lass   Counselor of Embassy for Regional Security

Ms Cynthia Guven  m  Counselor of Embassy for Agricultural Affairs

Ms Rosemary Gallant  m  Minister Counselor for Commercial Affairs

Mr John Cloutier  m  Counselor for Political Affairs

Ms Meredith Mcevoy  m  Minister Counselor for Consular Affairs

Mr Frank Ledahawsky  m  Minister Counselor for Management Affairs

Mr Richard Otto  m  Counselor of Embassy for Medical Affairs

Col Emmett Wingfield  m  Air Attaché

RDML David Manero  m  Defence Attaché

Col Dale Slade  m  Army Attaché

Capt Kevin Quarderer  m  Naval Attaché

Lt Col Adam Lefringhouse  m  Marine Attaché

Mr Demetrios Lambropoulos  m  Attaché

Mr James Mancuso  m  Attaché

Ms Rebecca Medina  Attaché

Mr John Leuchtman  m  Attaché

Mr Samuel Birchett  m  Attaché

Dr Benjamin Harrell  m  Attaché

Mr Albert Stieglitz  m  Attaché

Mr Adam Boyd  m  Attaché

Ms Jennifer Schroeder-Fawcett  m  Attaché

Mr Anthony Cook  m  Attaché

Ms Rebecca Tanner  m  Attaché

Mr John Bredin  m  Attaché

Mr James Erwin  m  Attaché

Ms Joan Grew  Attaché

Mr Nicholas Dornsife  m  Attaché

Mr Donald Voiret  m  Legal Attaché

Mr Nicholas Call  m  Attaché

Ms Kristen Maguire  m  Attaché

Mr James Griffin  m  Attaché

Mr John McNeil  Attaché

Mr David Mackey  m  Deputy Legal Attaché

Ms Kathy Wang Yao  Attaché

Ms Terri Mays  Attaché

Mr Robert Joyce  m  Attaché

Mr Robert Friedenberg  m  Attaché

Mr William Courtemanche  m  Attaché

Mr Jon Schwerdtfeger  m  Attaché

Mr Peter Zemenides  Attaché

Mr Kevin Rubesh  m  Attaché

Mr Russell Roth  m  Attaché

Mr Ryan Brankin  m  Attaché

Mr Douglas Haidle  m  Attaché

Ms Katrina Barnas  Attaché

Mr Morgan Muir  m  First Secretary

Mr Mark Lancaster  m  First Secretary

Mr Matthew Goshko  m  First Secretary

Ms Katherine Skarsten  m  First Secretary

Ms Anna Stinchcomb  m  First Secretary

Mr Thomas Reed  m  First Secretary

Ms Melissa Zadnik  m  First Secretary

Mr Jason Ullner  m  First Secretary

Mr James Lindley  First Secretary

Ms Rachel Coll  First Secretary

Ms Mary Calandra  m  First Secretary

Ms Anne Lamperez  First Secretary

Mr Michael Andruchow  First Secretary

Mr Phillip Demske  m  First Secretary

Mr Marc Galkin  First Secretary

Mr Aaron Martz  m  First Secretary

Ms Anna Martz  m  First Secretary

Mr Jerry Laurienti  m  First Secretary

Ms Beth Kenney  m  First Secretary

Mr Timothy Funke  m  First Secretary

Mr Adam Jansen  m  First Secretary

Mr Jeffrey Hay  m  First Secretary

Mr Scott Riedmann  m  First Secretary

Mr Mark Hougaard  m  First Secretary

Ms Joslyn Mack-Wilson  m  First Secretary

Ms Eman Blair   m  First Secretary

Ms Rebecca Haas  m  First Secretary

Mr Christiaan K James  First Secretary

Mr Jeffrey Moffatt  m  First Secretary

Mr Max Schindler  m  First Secretary

Ms Rebecca Klug  m  First Secretary

Ms Lisa Brodey  m  First Secretary

Mr Jamal Jafari  m  First Secretary

Mr Roland Mckay  m  First Secretary

Mr Jay Porter  m  First Secretary

Ms Janelle Weyek  m  First Secretary

Ms Ginger Campbell  First Secretary

Ms Linda Fenton  m  First Secretary

Mr Matthew Singer  m  First Secretary

Mr Carson Wu  m  First Secretary

Mr Jose Tobias  m  First Secretary

Ms Kimberly Ofobike  m  First Secretary

Ms Diane Parsont  m  First Secretary

Mr Jason Donovan  m  First Secretary

Mr Eugene West  m  First Secretary

Mr John Mahr  m  First Secretary

Mr David Conk  m  Second Secretary

Mr Gerry Kaufman  m  Second Secretary

Mr Matthew Morrow  Second Secretary

Ms Marjorie Mathelus   Second Secretary

Mr Stephen Bocanegra  m  Second Secretary

Ms Danielle Winfield  m  Second Secretary

Mr Yuri Kim  m  Second Secretary

Mr Daniel Wong  m  Second Secretary

Ms Shailaja Bista Kim  m  Second Secretary

Ms Hailey Hoffman  m  Second Secretary

Ms Andrea Garbe  m  Second Secretary

Mr Colin Flynn  m  Second Secretary

Ms Laura Heimann  m  Second Secretary

Ms Kristin Mencer  Second Secretary

Mr George Tarnow  m  Second Secretary

Ms Anne Savage  Second Secretary

Mr Martin Graves  Second Secretary

Mr Peter Lau  Second Secretary

Ms Laura Davis  Second Secretary

Ms Lauren Arestie  m  Second Secretary

Ms Nora Gordon  m  Second Secretary

Ms Sarah Tatum  m  Second Secretary

Mr Christopher Tatum  m  Second Secretary

Ms Andreea Williams  m  Second Secretary

Mr Daniel Kight  m  Second Secretary

Mr John Dougherty  m  Second Secretary

Ms Casey Morris  m  Second Secretary

Ms Julia Landers  m  Second Secretary

Mr Munir Madyun  Second Secretary

Mr Gregory Heeren  m  Second Secretary

Ms Karen Welch  Second Secretary

Ms Jennifer Whalen  Second Secretary

Mr Timothy Haynes  m  Second Secretary

Mr Stephen Wiegman  m  Second Secretary

Ms Amal Moussaoui Haynes  m  Second Secretary

Mr Judd Meyer  m  Second Secretary

Mr Michael Kris  Second Secretary

Mr Seann Gale  Second Secretary

Ms Joanna Wulfsberg  m  Second Secretary

Mr Eric A Wild   m  Second Secretary

Mr Kevin Ketchum  m  Second Secretary

Mr Wesley Fredericks   m  Second Secretary

Mr Wesley Holzer   m  Second Secretary

Mr Mikel Savides  m  Second Secretary

Ms Kendra Killmer  Second Secretary

Ms Caroline Widegren  m  Second Secretary

Ms Amy Delamaide  Second Secretary

Ms Suzanne Ebert  m  Second Secretary

Mr Nabil Flowers  m  Second Secretary

Mr Jeffrey Larue Jr  m  Second Secretary

Ms Cassandra Hagar  Second Secretary

Mr Yongkyu Kim  m  Second Secretary

Mr Brandon McGovern  m  Second Secretary

Mr Theodore Vastine  m  Second Secretary

Mr Eric Coulson   m  Second Secretary

Ms Maria Skirk  Second Secretary

Ms Frances Moreno  Second Secretary

Ms Clarissa Adamson  m  Second Secretary

Ms Nancy Opoku  Second Secretary

Ms Anne Vasquez  m  Second Secretary

Mr Jeffrey Vanoverbeke  m  Second Secretary

Mr Beau Garrett  m  Second Secretary

Ms Usra Ghazi  m  Second Secretary

Mr Christopher Ricci  Second Secretary

LTC David Macdonald  m  Assistant Army Attaché

CDR Thomas Kierstead  m  Assistant Attaché

Mr Jesse Moore    m  Assistant Army Attaché

Lt Col Thomas J Graham   m  Assistant Air Attaché

Mr Michael Crabb  m  Assistant Attaché

Ms Laura Curry  m  Assistant Attaché

Mr Anthony Villacorta  Assistant Attaché

Mr Mathew Katzke  m  Assistant Attaché

Mr Matthew Callahan   m  Assistant Attaché

Mr Alexander Hagedorn  m  Assistant Attaché

Mr Jason Chapman  m  Assistant Attaché

Ms Jennifer Jordan  m  Assistant Attaché

Mr Efrene Sakilayan  m  Assistant Legal Attaché

Mr Joseph Cowan  m  Assistant Legal Attaché

Mr James Matthes  m  Assistant Attaché

Mr Scott Kohler  m  Assistant Attaché

Mr Edward Gernat  m  Assistant Legal Attaché

Mr Anthony Mims  m  Assistant Attaché

Mr Scott Stachowski  m  Assistant Attaché

Ms Stefanie Roddy  m  Assistant Legal Attaché

Mr Brett Graham  m  Assistant Attaché

Mr Jason Johnson  m  Assistant Legal Attaché

Mr Matthew Johnson  m  Assistant Legal Attaché

Mr John Illia  m  Assistant Attaché

Mr Eric Smithmier  m  Assistant Legal Attaché

MAJ David Hernandez  m  Assistant Attaché

Ms Caitlin Perks  Third Secretary

Ms Nalanthiel Tuck  Third Secretary