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Consulate General

Visas, Legalisations, Egyptian Nationals

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Defence Office:           

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Commercial Office:     

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Medical Office:

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Press & Information Office      

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Cultural Office:            

4 Chesterfield Gardens, W1J 5BG

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State Tourist Bureau:              

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E-mail: info@gotoegypt.org

HIS EXCELLENCY MR TAREK AHMED IBRAHIM ADEL Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary (Since 22nd November 2018)

Mrs. Mona Mohamed Salah Eldin Said

Mrs Nermine M.E.E. ElZawahry, Minister Plenipotentiary Deputy Chief of Mission

Dr Hany A. Khedr Mohamed Counsellor

Mr Ibrahim M.A.I Salem  m  Counsellor

Mrs Marwa A.A. Youssef  m  Counsellor

Mr Ahmed E. M. Ahmed  *  Counsellor

Mr Mohamed K.A.A. Amer  *  Counsellor

Mr Sherif A.S.I. Eissa   m  1st Secretary

Ms Reem M. A. Eldahshan   2nd Secretary

Ms Asmaa S.M. Zayed  3rd Secretary

Mr Tarek F.A. Youssef  m  Consul General 

Mr Ahmed A. Hamadnalla Ibrahim  m  Consul

Mr Walid O.K.Ali  *  Consul

Commodore Sameh Soliman Mohamed Soliman m Defence Attaché

Col. Dr. Ahmed Fathy Ahmed Abdelkader  m  Assistant Defence Attaché

Col. Mohamed I.F.A. ElMesslawi  m  Assistant Defence Attaché

Col. Medhat S.A.Helal  m  Assistant Defence Attaché

Col.Tamer M.E.Nabhan  m  Assistant Defence Attaché

Lt. Col Ahmed M.I. Heikal  m  Assistant Defence Attaché

Major Moataz M.A.M.E.Salama  m  Assistant Defence Attaché

Major Pilot Mohamed R.G.A.Mohamed  Assistant Defence Attaché

Prof. Dr. Reem M.R.B. Abdelmotaal   Cultural Counsellor

Mr Mohamed H. Bassiuny  m  Minister Plenipotentiary (Commercial)

Mr Kareem Abdallah  1stSecretary (Commercial)

Mrs Manal A.R.  Elshabrawy  m Counsellor (Press & Information)

Mr Amr A. Elezabi  m  Counsellor (Tourism & Information)

Mr Ibrahim F. Mohieldeen *  Minister Plenipotentiary, Head of League of Arab States

Mrs Riham Medhat Mohamed Samy m Administrative Attaché’& Information Office

Mr Nasser A. A. Elhosseiny  Administrative & Financial Attaché’         

Mr Adel M. B. Khairy   Administrative & Financial Attaché

Mr Ahmed A.A. Awad  m  Administrative & Financial Attaché

Mrs Hadir F.M.F. Elgendy  m  Administrative & Financial Attaché

Mr Aly Salem  Administrative & Financial Attaché’

Mr Ossama Mohamed Mahmoud Mohamed Shahin  Administrative Attaché

Mr Mohamed A. A. Mahmoud  Administrative & Financial Attaché’

Mr Ashraf A. M. Badraa  *  Administrative & Financial Attaché     

Mr Ahmed M.A.Abdellatif  m   Administrative & Financial Attaché

Mrs Nadia A. M. Badawi  *  Administrative & Financial Attaché

Mrs Soheir M. A. Ragab  m  Administrative & Financial Attaché (Consulate)

Mr Yousri A. K. Hozayen  m  Administrative & Financial Attaché  (Consulate)

Mrs. Eman T. A. Khafagey  m  Administrative & Financial Attaché (Consulate)

Mrs. Dina Atef M. Ibrahim  m  Administrative & Financial Attaché (Consulate)

Mr. Ahmed Adel A. Tawfik  Administrative & Financial Attaché (Consulate)

Ms Marwa S. A. Ammar   Administrative & Financial Attaché (Consulate) 

Mr. Said M. S. Elhamzawy  m  Administrative & Financial Attaché (Consulate)

Mr. Hussein S. H. Ahmed  *  Administrative Attaché (Cultural)

Mr. Sayed A. A. Mohamed  *  Administrative Attaché (Cultural)