186-188 Queen’s Gate SW7 5HL

020 7581 3144, 020 7584 9400, 020 7584 9433

Ambassador’s Office 020 7591 0781

Fax 020 7584 4948




Consular Section

Fax 020 7581 9073


Monday-Friday 09.30-13.30

Individual Inquiries on Submitted Applications 13.00-15.00

Commercial Section

020 7589 4875

Fax 020 7589 4875


Monday 10.00-16.00

HIS EXCELLENCY MR MARIN RAYKOV m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 15 May 2019)

            Mrs Mariana Nikolova   

Mrs Teofana Kraynina-Yordanova  m  Minister Plenipotentiary  Deputy Head of Mission

Mr Andrei Vlahov  Counsellor (Political Affairs)

Mr Svetozar Dimitrov  2nd Secretary (Political Affairs & Press)

Mrs Maria Anguelieva  Minister Plenipotentiary (Head of Consular Section)

Mr Nikolay Vanchev  m  Minister Plenipotentiary

Mrs Vany IIieva Smith m 1st Secretary (Consular Section)

Colonel Kamen Ivanov  Minister Plenipotentiary (DefenceAttaché)

Mrs Tanya Koycheva  m  Minister Plenipotentiary (Commercial Section)

Mr Hristo Dinkov  m  1st Secretary (Home Affairs)

Mr Vasil Asenov  2nd Secretary (Social & Labour Affairs)

Mr Milen Milov  m  1st Secretary (Administrative Attaché)

Ms Svetla Dionisieva  Counsellor (Director of the Bulgarian Cultural Institute)