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Fit To Fly Covid-19 Certificate

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Do you need a Fit to Fly COVID-19 Certificate?

Multiple countries now require a fit to fly certificate.

This is essential to show that you are safe to fly and do not have COVID-19.

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Countries such as the UAE, Pakistan, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Cyprus, Ghana and many more require this to travel.

So if you need a certificate contact us today.

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Types Of Test Available

  •  12 – 36 Hour results
  • Official certificates produced
  • Can be used for International Travel
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PCR Nasal Swab Test

This is the most common test that countries will ask for such as the UAE. It is a very straight forward where you or the doctor places a swab in your nose and then it is sent to a laboratory to see if you are COVID-19 Positive.

PCR Saliva Test

This test involves using a swab at the back of the throat. It is then sent to a laboratory where results take between 24-48 hours to say if you are Fit to Fly.

Antibody Test

This is a blood draw test, where we extract a small blood sample and check if you carry the anti-bodies to COVID-19. This will tell you if you previously had COVID-19. This form of test is rarely asked for in a COVID-19 exemption certificate.

Test for Coronavirus

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How long does the test take?

It takes between 24 – 48 hours.

How long is the fit to fly certificate valid for?

So this really depends on the country you are intending to travel to. But generally speaking this is valid from 3 days to a week but every country has different guidelines.

How much does the COVID-19 test cost?

The test starts from £149 upwards depending on the type of test carried out.

Does my destination require a fit to fly certificate?

Generally speaking you can check which countries require it by going to their relevant government and embassy websites. Countries that require the test include the UAE, China, South Korea, Singapore and many more. More information can be obtained regarding travel information for the UK here.

Which countries require a COVID-19 certificate?

Information can be found on relevant websites such as these.

Fit to fly certificate near me, London and the United Kingdom. We offer the test via post as well so you can get the test anywhere in the UK.


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