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Covid Fit to Fly Test in Bristol

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Fit to Fly COVID Test

Do You Need a Fit to Fly COVID Test in Bristol?

The corona virus test is now a compulsory practice to travel abroad to different countries. The COVID fit to fly certificate works like a passport; if you do not have you passport giving you access to other countries.

Here at Harley Medic, our priority is to make sure that the individual remains satisfied through our services by providing the Covid Fit to Fly Certificate in Bristol city.

PPE conditions are taken care of at the most appropriate level to keep everyone safe from getting infected. 

Get your Fit to fly covid test and certificate in Bristol city centre by making a booking today.




Bristol Fit to Fly COVID Test  

What is generally required in a fit to fly test:

  • Negative PCR Test
  • Doctors signature and certificate
  • UKAS + ISO approved lab
  • A prescribed RT-PCR must take place within 72 hours of travel (general time frame required, may differ based on destination country.)
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      Bristol Fit to fly covid test

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      Britstol PCR COVID-19 Test

      You can generally use our legitimate mastery at PCR swab tests to get the correct Covid Certifications for your voyaging archives. We at Harley Medic are hoping to give facilitative polished methodology with respect to fit to fly Coronavirus test.

      It is advised, that the participant should focus on arranging the correct test that features PDIA and SARS-CoV-2 (RT-PCR). These set tips in GB are set by the govt. itself, that specialize in the negation of NHS testing services for passengers.

      The Government of UK is now set to announce its guidelines about the services as it denotes that people should focus on arranging a private checkup for the test and no NHS services must be used at all costs.

      Only report of these pathology labs are acceptable which are mentioned on  Airline website. Moreover passenger should get his/her test done not more than 72 hours before of his travel journey.



      STEP 1

      Call us or book a test online. We will send you a confirmation and instructions for your test such as location and timing.


      STEP 2

      You will conduct your test at one one of our clinics and we will send you the results by 11:00 pm the next day if you attend before 14:00.


      STEP 3

      You receive your results and certificate by email and you are now ready to fly. Have a great trip!

      Fit to Fly Certificate 

      Most countries now require a Covid Fit to Fly Certificate. If you are travelling abroad then both airlines and governments may request a PCR COVID-19 test to show you do not have the virus. 

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      Fit to Fly COVID Test.

      For information from the UK government on travel restrictions and advice click here.