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    Fit to fly covid test Leicester

    Do You Need a Fit to Fly COVID Test in Leicester?

    In an effort to enter the premises of the nation, the travelers must guarantee that they have satisfied the rules of the other countries traveling situation and administrative policies.

    These arrangements and suggestions are with respect to the conceivable examination of COVID-19.

    The certificate can be arranged privately through a medical institution that supports the protocols of COVID-19. It is again advised, that the participant must focus on getting the right test that includes PDIA and SARS-CoV-2 (RT-PCR).



    PCR Test Leicester 

    Here are the following requirements regarding the PCR:

    • Active Diagnostic Test (PDIA)
    • Nucleic Acid Test (SARS-CoV-2)
    • No antigens and antibodies must be detected in the test
    • A prescribed RT-PCR must take place within 3 days of travel.

      The 72 hour prescribed time of the complete PCR swab test should be focused at all measures as the authorities of other countries would not allow any further.

          Fit to fly covid test in Leicester

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          PCR Test Leicester

          “the NHS testing services must not be used at all costs rather than that the individual should arrange a PCR swab test for COVID-19, privately”, The UK Government mentioned on their website that.

          The services provide by Harleymedic are 100% practical and to the point. All the concerned documentation, handed over to the candidate are completely authenticated and perfect for your fit to fly travel journey.

          These guidelines about the RT-PCR are compulsory for adults, teenagers and children of any age. There is no exception whether you are travelling in a group.

          These set rules in the UK are set by the public authority itself, zeroing in on the invalidation of NHS testing administrations for travelers. It is exhorted, that the member must zero in on getting the correct test that incorporates PDIA and SARS-CoV-2 (RT-PCR).

          Fit to Fly Certificate Leicester

          Most countries now require a Covid Fit to Fly Certificate. If you are travelling abroad then both airlines and governments may request a PCR COVID-19 test to show you do not have the virus. 



          STEP 1

          Call us or book a test online. We will send you a confirmation and instructions for your test such as location and timing.


          STEP 2

          You will conduct your test at one one of our clinics and we will send you the results usually by 11:00 pm the next day if you attend before 14:00.


          STEP 3

          You receive your results and certificate by email and you are now ready to fly. Have a great trip!

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          Fit to Fly COVID Test.

          For information from the UK government on travel restrictions and advice click here. 


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