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Same Day Manchester PCR and Rapid Antigen Tests

Ge Ri
Ge Ri
November 18, 2021.
I needed a PCR for my child instead a… I needed a PCR for my child instead a Rapid Antigen and Liv made sure I get the right one! Many thanks Liv!
November 17, 2021.
أنا راضي من خدمتهم وليفيا كانت ممتازة أنا راضي من خدمتهم وليفيا كانت ممتازة
abdul qudoos
abdul qudoos
November 16, 2021.
I have to attest my ACCA certification… I have to attest my ACCA certification for change in profession for Saudi Arabia. So I contacted with Harley Medic Global. The representative Ms. Michaelle guided me about each step and keep updating me during the whole process which is being completed before the committed time of 3 weeks. Highly recommended.
Hanna Crouch
Hanna Crouch
November 12, 2021.
Quick & Easy Quick & Easy! Thank you so much
November 12, 2021.
Down at the Doctor's Absolutely seamless. Top class service and communication, second to none. Many thanks to Michaelle and Dr. Sadrudin.
Laura OBrien
Laura OBrien
November 12, 2021.
Excellent service- used for a visa to… Excellent service- used for a visa to work abroad. Very prompt service and clear communication throughout.
Mark Goodchild
Mark Goodchild
November 11, 2021.
First of all top mark to Liv First of all top mark to Liv, your telephone assistant she was just so helpful, I think your website really needs looking at, as I got so frustrated trying to correct an error on my behalf, wasn’t easy to get back to correct my booking, for anyone older it would be a nightmare, hope this help you in the future, Regards Mark.

Manchester PCR Test

Around 99% of all countries require a PCR test for your fit to fly certificate. This is because it is the most accurate test on the market.

A PCR test in Manchester involves a swab to the back of the throat and/or mouth by one of our registered health care professionals. This is then taken to our partner lab for analysis with results being issued within 12 to 48 hours depending on the service you choose.

Manchester Fit to Fly COVID Test Explained

A fit to fly covid test is a travel certificate, signed by a doctor and accredited lab that states you do not have COVID-19. This is then presented to your airline and/or destination country proving you are fit to travel abroad.

Manchester Antigen Test

Antigen testing is another option available for only Italy and some part of China, although the list of countries accepting the antigen test is constantly changing. To find a full list of destination requirements click here.

Antigen tests are much faster but are in turn more inaccurate.

To book an appointment for your fit to fly covid test at one of our clinics located in Manchester please click the “make an appointment” button below.

Do You Need a Fit to Fly COVID Test in Manchester?

The negative covid certificate works like passport nowadays, you simply cannot travel without it. Tests are now being conducted throughout different areas of the world but the guidelines are usually the same.

These policies are put in place to stop the spread of COVID-19.

If you require a PCR test for travel and you are in the Manchester area then book your test below by clicking the “make an appointment button”.

Do You Need a Manchester Rapid Antigen Test and Fit to Fly Certificate?

To any coutry chosen for travel you will be needing to do double check with the airlines or embassy regarding your requirements. Rapid Antigen Testing is only required for certain destinations, we do advise you to double check before making any purchases.

Once you attend to the clinic you will be needing your passport to be able to carry on with your Rapid Antigen. Please note that usually you will receive your results via email for small amount of time due to Rapid Antigen testing only provides the information and checks if you are currently having COVID-19.


Manchester Airport Fit to Fly COVID Test  

Manchester Aiport COVID Testing

We get multiple enquiries from customers regarding testing at Manchester Airport.  Manchester Airport provides limited testing within its car park. However, we recommend that customers get tested prior to arriving at the airport. This is because if there are delays with the airport test or the results come back as “positive” then the traveller will not be able to board the plane. Therefore we recommend you attend our clinic located in central Manchester a couple of days prior to your travel date.

The Manchester Airport Address can be found below:

Manchester Aiport Address

Manchester Aiport,

M90 1QX

The standard requirements for covid-19 testing are listed below:

In an RT-PCR, the following parameters and requirements take place:

  • Active Diagnostic Test (PDIA)
  • Nucleic Acid Test (SARS-CoV-2)
  • No antigens and antibodies must be detected in the test
  • A prescribed RT-PCR must take place within 3 days of travel.

The 72 hour prescribed time of the complete PCR swab test should be focused at all measures as the authorities of other countries would not allow any further.

The Rapid Antigen Test is designed to detect if you are currently ahving COVID-19 or not.  There are certain things to keep in mind when booking a Rapid Antigen Test:

  • Testing should be done within 48-24 hours of travel (for most countries).
  • Always try to book your test in the right time to allow reasonable time for results, but also not too early if you want to stay in the 48h timeframe.
      Covid fit to fly test in Manchester
      COVID-19 Test

      Fit to Fly COVID Test
      in Manchester 

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      • Accepted by All Airlines

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      What is Fit to Fly Covid Test in Manchester

      COVID-19 Fit-To-Fly medical certificates certify that the holder of the travel health form has tested negative recently for COVID-19.

      Fit-to-Fly medical certification generally requires travellers to show proof of negative COVID-19 RT-PCR test results up to 72 hours before departure. This can vary by destination.

      Check with your airline or your destination’s governing health or entry agency for specific requirements.

      Who Needs a Fit-to-Fly Certificate?

      Fit-to-Fly certificates are required for entry to most countries across the UK. Check with your airline before departure to see if a valid certificate will be required to board your plane.

      Not all airlines are requiring proof for travel, but your destination may require proof on arrival. Check our domestic and international COVID-19 travel restrictions pages for more information. The State Department also has a variety of resources for travelers.

      Location of Fit to Fly Clinic in Manchester

      Cheap Manchester Fit to Fly Certificate 

      Manchester, Unit 3, Empress Business Centre, 380 Chester Road,
      United Kingdom, M16 9EA



      Available Time: 09:00 to 18:00
      From Monday to Sunday.

      Read Reviews from Our Manchester Clinic

      “Def a 5-star service with Harley medic – my appointment was booked the day before departure and they sorted it out”
      Yohannes Surbiton

      “Got my COVID-19 fit to travel certificate with Harley Medic. I saw all their awesome reviews online and went ahead. “
      Natalia Prett

      “They are a professional team and advised me on the requirements. Got the results in 10 hours, great! “
      Jordan Plunkett

      AMAZING! I needed a really quick COVID-19 certificate to fly for my trip to Cyprus. Harley Medic was the only reasonable clinic and they got the certificate for me really fast. Such a nice and friendly team. Highly recommended. Thanks again guys!
      Charlotte Hartwood

      FAQ's - Manchester Clinic Frequently Asked Questions
      How do I book a Fit to Fly COVID test?

      You can book a PCR test by getting in touch with us today.

      Contact Us

      Telephone: 0207 727 7627

      Email: info@harleymedic.co.uk

      How long does a fit to fly test take?

      A fit to fly certificate for COVID-19 usually only takes 5 to 10 minutes to administer.

      Can I use an NHS test for travel?

      No, you cannot. These tests are not recognised by international border staff or airlines. You will need to have a private test administered. The NHS tests are designed for people that show symptoms or believe they have come in to contact with some who is COVID-19 positive. It is a misuse of government testing to use the NHS test for your travel. For travel you require a PCR test that is stamped and signed by a verified lab and doctor, not an NHS test.

      I require a negative Covid-19 swab test within a specified time-frame. How can I get this?

      Really simple, just book your test with us online or over the phone. We will then advise you on the time period to come in and get you a certificate before you travel.

      How does a Covid PCR Test work with Harley Medic?

      We offer in-clinic testing. This means you have to come to one of our clinics based around the UK. A health professional will then administer the test and we will get the certificate to you by email. 

      When will I get my results?

      You will get your results the next day before 11:00 pm.

      Where can I take my test?

      We have over 20 different clinics across the UK. Find the closest one to you by booking a test online or alternatively contact us by phone to book in over the phone.

      How do I take my sample?

      One of our specialist health care professionals will administer the test for you. That way it will be much more accurate and you won’t have to worry about taking the sample the wrong way.

      Where do I take my samples?

      Your sample will be collected by one of our members of staff at the clinic you attend and sent to a lab for analysis.

      What type of test is it?

      The main type of test required for travel its a PCR Test. We offer these tests at our approved labs.

      What if I require tests for multiple people?

      Great, just give us a call and one of our representatives will be happy to help. If there is a large group of you we may be able to offer a discount.

      Can my passport number or other information included in a doctor's letter?

      Sure, just contact us with your special requirements for the fit to fly covid test and we can arrange this as per your needs.

      What information will be on my test results or doctor's letter?

      The certificate will show the time you took the test, your full name, your test results, the accredited lab and other information is also on the certificate.

      What dates will be shown on my results?

      The date you took the test and the date test was analysed.

      Can I collect my sample kit in advance to have it tested later?

      Yes, please contact us specifically over the phone to arrange this.

      What identification do I need?

      Please bring a copy of your passport so we can take down the information for the certificate.

      Can I get a certificate without a test?

      No, you have to undertake a test to get a certificate.

      Please can you advise me on the Covid-19 policy for my particular airline or country?

      Yes, we can, we are the first company in the world to create a fully extensive list on all the different requirements for travel during the pandemic. Scroll up and search for your countries fit to fly covid test requirements.

      I need my fit to fly certificate to be signed, can you do this?

      Yes, all of our certificates are stamped and signed.

      I live outside of London. Can you post me a kit?

      Yes, we can. Just call us to arrange this and it depends on our capacity for postal.

      What does a PCR Test involve?

      The test involves taking a nasal/throat swab. These are then sent to a UKAS accredited lab for analysis where they amplify the result to see if you have COVID-19.

      Are there additional fees for the certificate?

      No there are not. All of our fees are transparent.

      Can I get tested if I have symptons?

      Fit to Fly Covid Test

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