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We provide you with a great deal for your COVID International flight from Heathrow airport COVID Test Centre on your way to go. PCR + Fit To Fly Certificate and Antigen Test for travel near you and your loved ones. Get your COVID Swab Test with us today. 

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Due to nowadays travel restrictions we have to keep ourselves safe. And why not by COVID Certificate (RT – PCR + Fit to Fly, Antigen Test) done near on your way to go from the Heathrow Airport COVID Test Center in which you will attend for your flight later on. We do advise everyone to read the guidance for their personal circumstances before deciding whether you are legally permitted to travel abroad. 


COVID Test For Travel Abroad 


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Heathrow Airport COVID Certificates

Book now your COVD-19 RT – PCR + Fit to Fly & Antigen Test on your way with our professional team and clinic-based at Heathrow Airport.

Our professional Team and Clinic will do your Test on your way to go. Why not? RT – PCR + Fit To Fly & Antigen COVID Certificates for International Travel near your flight.

Every passenger is required to present a negative COVID RT – PCR + Fit To Fly & Antigen Test result to prove that it is safe to travel and there is no current coronavirus infection. If you are planning to travel internationally soon, or have come home from abroad, you will most definitely need a COVID-19 Certificate (PCR+Fit to Fly).

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This is the following you need to take into consideration when booking your COVID RT – PCR + Fit To Fly & Antigen Test.

  • Testing should be done within 72-48h of travelling (although this is different for some countries).
  • You will need to book your appointment in advance to allow reasonable time for results but also not too soon, otherwise you may not be in the 72h window.
  • Testing should be done privately by the patient and no Government supported tests are accepted for travelling.

What is a COVID RT – PCR + Fit To Fly Test For Travelling

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