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Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa

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Who Requires a Saudi Tourist Visa ?

The Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa is for individuals who wish to visit the kingdom for tourist purposes. This is a newer form of visa, and has only been introduced in the last few months.

Harley Medic Global provides an all-inclusive service for obtaining you Saudi Visa. We have over 40 years experience in this field and know all the procedures necessary.


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FAQ’s Regarding Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa

Can I get a Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa visa upon arrival?

Currently, UK nationals are required to obtain a visa before arrival from the UK Saudi Embassy in London or online. A stamp will be issued in your passport for the Saudi boarder guards to check.

How long does a Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa take to issue?

This depends on when you get the application completed and to our office. However, same-day issuance is possible.

Who requires a Saudi ArabiaTourist Visa?

Individuals who are planning to travel to Saudi Arabia for tourist reasons.

How much are the Saudi Visa Fees?

The Saudi Visa fees depend on your needs and type of visa you request. Contact us on 0207 727 7672 for a quote.

Do I need to provide my orginal passport for the visa?

Yes, you need to provide the original passport so that the embassy can stamp your passport.

Can I get a Family Visit Visa myself by going to the embassy?

No this is no longer possible. Only registered agents are allowed to process Saudi Visas. Harley Medic Global is a registered agent.

Can I obtain a Saudi Arabian visa from the UK If do not hold a UK passport?

Yes as long as you can prove you are a UK resident you can apply at the London embassy.

Am I required to have an invite from Saudi Arabia?

No, the tourist visa does not require a invite. Check the requirements section for more info.

Different Visa Types

Saudi Business Visa

Saudi business visas are for those who intend to perform business or related activities in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Tourist Visa

Saudi tourist visas are for individuals who intend to visit Saudi for only touristic reasons.

Saudi Work Visa

A Saudi work visa is for individuals who intend on working and already have employment in the country.

Saudi Family Visit Visa

Those who want to visit close family in Saudi Arabia can apply for a ‘Family Visit Visa’. 

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