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Test to Release Explained

What is Test to Release?

Travellers returning from countries that are not a part of the UK’s approved travel corridor (see list of approved countries by scrolling down) are required to  self-isolate for a full 14 days or risk getting fined.

If you would like to leave isolation early (after 5 days) you need to take a COVID-19 test from an approved lab in the UK.

If you are NEGATIVE you will be issued with a certificate that allows you to leave your self isolation early. This is beneficial if you do not want to self isolate for two weeks, have commitments to work or need to take part in activities outside your house.

This Goverment scheme is aimed at helping people function normally after travelling abroad by shortening their isolation times.

How does the test to release scheme work?

We have outlined below in detail how the test to release scheme works with step by step instructions.


  1. Fin out if your country is on an approved travel corridor by scrolling down blow (if its not you need to follow the next steps)
  2. Head straight to your place of self-isolation when arriving to the UK from a foreign country
  3.  Self isolate for 5 days
  4. Order a COVID-19 test from Harley Medic 
  5. Get your results the next day
  6. Day 6 and as long as you are COVID-19 negative you will be allowed to stop the self -isolation period

Everything You Need to Know about the Test to Release Scheme

Do you have to pay for a test to release quarantine test?

Yes under the government scheme you have to use a private COVID-19 test. You can be fined up to £10,000 if you misuse the NHS track and trace testing service.

How does test to release work?

It is very straight forward. Once arriving to the UK, self-isolate for 5 days then take a COVID-19 test. As long as you are negative you can end your self-isolation early.

Do I need to isolate after arriving to the UK from abroad?

You are legally required to self-isolate if you arriving from a country not on the approved travel corridor list as highlighted by the UK government.

Who offers test to release?

Private companies who have received permission from the government can carry out the test to release program only. Make sure the company you use is approved.

Where can I get a test to release certificate?

You can get a test release certificate today by contact us.

Can I leave my house after having a test to release test?

You can only leave your house if you have tested NEGATIVE to COVID-19 and have self-isolated 5 day prior.

Can I use the governments test to release scheme if I have symptons?

No if you have symptoms please us the governments NHS track and trace testing service or order a private test kit from us.

Can I take an NHS test to end my isolation?

No. Misusing the governments track and track system can result in hefty fines. Only use this service if you think you have COVID-19 of came into contact with some who has COVID-19. 

What happens if I test positive?

If you test positive you will need to self-isolate. Contact us for more information on guidance.

What happens If I test negative?

If you test negative then we will issue you with a test and release certificate allowing you to end your isolation period 9 days early.

What happens if the test is inconclusive?

Our tests are rarely inconclusive, however you will need a conclusive test result to get an official test to release certificate.

Why is self-isolating so important?

Self-isolation is extremely important to stop the spread of COVID-19. By limiting your contact with other before you know you have COVID-19 you will limit the spread of the virus.

How long do results take to process?

Our results are next day, but all providers have different lab times.


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