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Why is Covid-19 Testing Important For Your Business?

Frequent testing of employees ensures that your business can continue running smoothly and safely for all involved.  With employees returning to work spaces it is important for all individuals involved to be tested regularly in order to avoid workplace outbreaks. We offer Covid-19 testing to keep your workplace functioning and safe.

Ongoing Workplace Testing

Getting tested once is not sufficient for preventing workplace outbreaks of Covid-19. While a single Covid-19 test prior to returning to work is helpful it is much more effective to have regular Covid-19 tests of all employees in order to quickly identify positive cases and instruct these individuals that have tested positive to follow NHS guidelines and isolate at home in order to prevent infecting other employees. Contact us at 0330 390 3666 to arrange ongoing workplace testing.

Proactive Screens

Proactive screens of Covid-19 permit businesses and workplaces to find Covid-19 positive cases before employees show symptoms. Finding these positive cases prior to symptoms showing allows workplaces to identify positive cases as soon as possible therefore helping to slow the spread of Covid-19.

Outbreak Control

If your workplace is experiencing an outbreak we will be able to provide mass testing in order to help control the outbreak and spread of Covid-19. One of the most effective ways of dealing with Covid-19 outbreaks is to administer Covid-19 tests to everyone involved. This will ensure that positive cases will be detected.


Film And TV Production Covid-19 Testing

For those that are in the Film and Production industry we offer Covid-19 testing that best fits your needs. We are available to come on-site for testing and can provide you with the most efficient and relevant test for you.


In order to arrange testing for Film and TV Production please call us at 0330 390 3666 or email us at and we will help you with your queries.



Sports Covid Testing

We offer mass testing for the professional sports industry. While professional sports are still taking place it is important to ensure the safety of all individuals involved. This can be done through frequent mass testing. If you would like to arrange testing for sports with us email us at or call us at 0330 390 3666 and we will help you get Covid-19 tests that best fit your needs.

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    Covid Mass Testing

    If you are a corporation or business and need mass testing contact us at or call us at 0330 390 3666 and we will help arragne Covid-19 testing that best suits your needs.

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    On-Site Testing Can Be Arranged

    If you are in need of mass testing for your workplace or business you we can arrange on-site testing for you in order to get you convenient Covid-19 testing. If you would like to book on-site testing with us please call us at 0330 390 3666 or email us at

    In-clinic Testing

    We are available to do in-clinic mass testing where our experienced healthcare professional staff will help you and administer the test for you. If you would like to book an in-clinic appointment please contact us at 0330 390 3666 or at

    Rapid Covid-19 Testing

    Rapid Antigen Covid-19 testing is one of the best ways to ensure safety in the workplace. Rapid Antigen Covid-19 testing is ideal for maintaing the safety of employees in the workplace. The tests can be completed regularly and the results are available quickly . Please contact us at 0330 390 3666 or and we will get you your Rapid Antigen tests.

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