How to get a visa to Saudi Arabia? [Infographic]

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Written by Ray

April 30, 2021

Saudi Arabia is an immense territory and the largest of the countries in the Arabian Peninsula. Its vast landscape contains many tourist destinations and historical sites waiting to be explored.

While the arrival of visitors was once limited unless for pilgrimage reasons, people can now travel to Saudi Arabia by several means.

For people planning to visit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it will include obtaining a visa. If you are not a national from a visa-exempt country, then you cannot cross the border. However, such countries with restrictions are only a few but chances are you will need one.

The main types of visas available are the Work visa, Tourist Visa, Business visa, Religious visa, and Saudi Arabia family visit visa.

The requirements for visas might vary depending on the type. However, the universal
requirements for all visas include a passport with six months validity, two free pages in your passports, and two-color passport photos.

Some visitors can obtain a visa online or on arrival. Others have to apply at a Saudi Arabia embassy in advance.



For tourists who want to travel to Saudi Arabia, they can opt to get their new Saudi tourist visa, an eVisa, and currently the most popular option allowing tourists to spend 90 days in the country.

Only people under eligible countries can apply for one.

The eVisa will cover tourism-related activities and Umrah (excluding Hajj season) whilst also excluding other activities such as studying.

In applying for an eVisa, prepare the following:

Valid passport – The passport should have a minimum validity of three months after the visa expires.
Digital photo – The format of the image should be in PDF and passport size.
E-mail address – The tourist visa can be applied online through the e-Visa portal, and the visa will be sent via email. Please ensure that the email used is active and one that you have access to.
Means of payment – Methods of payment such as credit and debit cards or Paypal are accepted. Please ensure that the information provided is accurate before applying.

Visa on Arrival

Tourists can only apply for a Visa on Arrival at one of Saudi Arabia’s entry points if they qualify for the following conditions:

● The tourist is from a country included in the eligible countries list.

● Suppose the tourist is holding a USA, United Kingdom, or Schengen Visas. In that case, some requirements should apply: the visa is valid, the type of visa is either tourist or business, the visa must have an entry stamp of the issuing country and has to be used at least once, and travel must be with SAUDIA or any other Saudi Arabia’s national air carriers.

Consulate Visa

This visa is for visitors from one of the countries not included in the eligible countries list. When applying for one, people can head directly to a Saudi embassy or through the embassy’s authorized travel agencies. Any incomplete applications or passports will be returned to the applicants without processing.

Where can I get a Saudi Visa?

Whether you are traveling to Saudi Arabia for tourism or business purposes, Harley Medic International can provide you one by filling out an application form online or email them at for any inquiries about a Saudi visa.

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