Harley Medic Global Rolls Out UK’s Largest Private Covid Testing Network

fit to fly

Written by HMI

July 25, 2021

Harley Medic Global has launched the UK’s largest COVID-19 testing network, with clinics available in every major city across England, Scotland and Wales.

With so many horror stories being exposed by travellers and newspapers due to COVID-19 testing labs failing to produce results on time, causing travellers to lose thousands of pounds in holiday and flight costs. Harley Medic Global has responded by creating the UK’s largest and technically most reliable service for COVID-19 fit to fly covid tests network. They have completed this by using a huge network of laboratories and clinics.

While the average COVID-19 testing company relies on 1 to 2 lab partners, Harley Medic Global has developed relationships with every major lab provider across the UK. This means that any issues that may arise at one lab, can be avoided by utilising multiple redundant labs.

According to their COO, Adonis Hakkim, this will also increase the speed with which the results can be issued as the labs will be located much closer to the sample collection sites. For example, for customers getting tested in Liverpool their samples will be sent to a lab in Liverpool. Whereas for samples taken in London, a local London PCR Test lab will be utilised. This means that the samples do not need to be transported as far, reducing potential delays that can arise through courier systems, as seen during the December travel surge.

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