PCR Requirements For Greece

pcr test for greece

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January 4, 2021

Travel Updates from the UK to Greece

Cases of COVID-19 are increasing exponentially across the world, therefore the Greek government has outlined key procedures to reduce the countries exposure to external COVID-19 strains, especially from the UK.

Governments have advised people to stay in their houses and/or adopt safety procedures and measures. These are almost the same SOP’s regulated by the government of Greece, which also only advises essential travel to the country. However, if you are thinking about travelling to the country then you definitely want to have a look at the PCR requirements for Greece.

These requirements are mandatory and required by all travellers. Below we will outline the key PCR requirements for travelling to Greece from the UK and the updates in travel restrictions across Europe.

PCR Requirements for Greece

Following the past year; 2020, Greece’s government has managed to create a list of protocols and procedures to follow while welcoming travellers into the country. This procedure’s absolute centre is diagnostic COVID-19 screening, which ensures you and your loved one’s safety.

However, if you are thinking about travelling to Greece, some rules and regulations must be met. Down below are the necessary requirements, please have a look:

Greece Entry Requirements:

A passenger Locator Form (PLF) is the most basic and crucial requirement, as the traveler must fill in their PLF before entering the country. The Passenger Locator Form will contain detailed traveling information, including the place of departure, data about previous stays of different countries (if any), and the place of temporary stay in Greece.

  • Evidence of negative COVID-19 is required in the form of a PCR Swab test certificate (authenticated).
  • Upon arrival in Greece from the UK, the traveler will undergo a rapid Coronavirus test. However, Isolation is mandatory in both cases (Getting Covid positive or negative). If the result is found to be negative in the rapid test, the person will still have to self-isolate for 7 days to keep all the safety measures in check.

Note: Only one PLF is required for a single family

At the arrivals, the travelers will be strictly advised to provide a negative RT-PCR swab test. Keep it with ourselves at all costs as it works just like a passport now; you cannot travel and enter without it.

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