What is a Visa Exactly?

Written by HMI

December 23, 2016

What is a Visa exactly?

The word visa derives from the Latin word charta visa meaning “a paper that has been viewed”. A visa gives the holder access to a foreign country, it is essentially a document that allows the holder to access a certain territory within a given time period.

There are three main types of visas a work visa, a business visa and a visit visa although some countries may categorise them in different terms with sub-categories available.

By definition a visa is certificate authorised by the foreign countries immigration officials, typically on a passport.

Dependent on your country of origin the need for the visa changes. Some countries have relations with other countries that allows for the freedom of travel between them without an official visa ,although a passport is almost always required. For example; member states of the European Union do not need a passport to travel between all the countries within the European Union. However, for citizens of the European Union it is necessary to obtain a visa to travel to countries such as America, India or Saudi Arabia.

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