Covid-19 Infections Continue to Rise in All Four UK nations


Written by Adonis Hakk

July 27, 2022

COVID infections continue to rise but at a slower rate in all four nations of the UK, as suggested by the latest weekly figures of the Office for National Statistics (ONS). Cases around the UK were up 7% in the week ending July 13, which is about 5.8% of the population. The surge of cases is said to be driven by the latest Omicron variants which are the BA.4 and BA.5.


Hospital Numbers

The hospitalisation cases are also on an upward trend in various parts of the country, indicating that the virus is steadily becoming prevalent. As of July 14, 17,919 people with active coronavirus were in hospital compared to the 14, 932 a week earlier. These latest government figures encompass the whole UK.

As of July 20, recent figures for England show 13,545 people are hospitalised due to coronavirus. On the bright side, vaccinations continue to protect people from severe diseases and the proportion of people being treated for severe infections or needing intensive care is lower than before.

People Testing Positive for COVID-19 in Private Households in the UK

3.8 million people in private households had coronavirus as estimated around the second week of July according to the ONS. This is the highest estimate for total infections since mid-April, but still below the 4.9 million seen at the peak of the Omicron BA.2 surge at the end of March.

Additionally, in Scotland, COVID remains prevalent with 340,900 people who are estimated to have been positive for COVID-19 in the week to July 14 which is the highest estimate for infections in Scotland since mid-April.

The infection levels in Wales reached 183 in the week to July 14 and had additional 300 active cases in the following week. On the other hand, in Northern Ireland, infections decreased to an estimated 88,400 people down from 107,600.

Death Toll

It is important to note that when looking at the overall death toll from coronavirus, various official figures count death in different ways and might give different numbers.

When it comes to government figures that are first reported by nations, deaths are counted within 28 days of testing positive for COVID-19. In both Scotland and Northern Ireland, the figure is over 182,000. On the other hand, according to the ONS, over 198,000 people have COVID-19 on their death certificates.

When looking at when such deaths have occurred rather than when they were registered, by July 1, over 200,000 deaths are recorded by ONS.

How can I stay safe?

As COVID-19 cases continue to increase, every individual in the UK can contribute to preventing the increasing number of cases. This includes following guidance and restrictions despite COVID-related safety measures being scrapped. Some of the key things to do are:

  • Practice a good hand hygiene
  • Limit contact with other people
  • Follow any guidelines when meeting friends and family outside the household
  • Wear face covering in crowded areas and on public transport, unless medically exempt

It is time to get a Covid-19 test should you feel the following symptoms:

  • High temperature
  • A new, continuous cough
  • A change to, or loss of sense of smell or taste

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