Women’s Diapers: 5 Tips to Choose the Best

Written by Adonis Hakk

November 29, 2022

There are different causes of urinary incontinence, including the weakening of muscles used in preventing urination or obstruction in your bladder that prevents it from emptying. Also, some people may experience incontinence from birth due to a spinal injury that may affect their gall bladder. 

Some diseases, such as prostate cancer or an enlarged prostate, may cause incontinence. Also, during pregnancy, women may experience incontinence which may go away after birth. Moreover, different symptoms will help you know whether you have urinary incontinence, including the loss of bladder control and leakages on several occasions.

You can treat incontinence using non-surgical procedures like making lifestyle changes. It will also help if you cut down your alcohol and caffeine intake. Besides that, you can indulge in pelvic floor exercises which will help strengthen your pelvic muscles by squeezing them. Also, your doctor can recommend surgical procedures to try and control it. After the process, you may take time before healing completely.

To avoid embarrassing moments in public, you can use products like adult diapers to help you during your whole treatment process. However, women with incontinence usually find it challenging to settle on a specific diaper. Below are tips that will help you get the best diaper;

1.    Check the size

Women have different sizes, and so do adult diapers for women. To ensure you are comfortable throughout the day, choose the correct size.

Notably, a too-tight diaper may leak or cause skin irritation. At the same time, a loose diaper can bunch up while sitting, which may be inconvenient for you. To know your size, you can check the packaging of the diaper.

2.    Considering your needs

Before purchasing an item, you must check whether it meets your needs. While selecting a diaper, you must check whether it will serve you appropriately. First, you need to know the amount of leakage you are experiencing.

If you have a light leakage, you can use a simple pad. However, if the leakage increases, you must purchase an adult diaper with leak guards around your leg areas.

You can also get tab-style briefs if you have heavy bowel incontinence. They will provide enough space to accommodate bowel incontinence around your legs and prevent leakages. Notably, you can purchase adult diapers with plastic backings to control any odor from bowel incontinence.


3.    Try out samples

The best way to know whether an item will work for you is by trying out different samples. You can get samples of adult diapers at an affordable price.

After trying the sample, you can determine whether you should purchase the item. Notably, you may only get one or two diapers as samples; hence you cannot rely on using samples regularly, but you can order different samples simultaneously.

4.    Clothing choices

Before purchasing an adult diaper, you must know what clothes you like. It will be inconvenient for you if you find out that you are not comfortable wearing some of your clothes since it is difficult to change while wearing them. 

Different kinds of diapers are available in the market, for example, the pull-up, which works similarly to panties. Hence you can quickly wear or remove them. The overnight adult diapers protect against heavy leakages that may occur during the night. Notably, they have breathable material that will save you against skin irritations.

If you are looking for adult diapers that you can recycle while wearing your favorite outfits, you can purchase washable adult diapers, opposite to disposable ones. You can wash the diapers frequently and dry them up to ensure they are safe for use. They are also eco-friendly because they contain space in landfills, and you do not need to wear plastic pants to prevent leakages.

The material of your diaper will also determine what type of cloth you can wear. For example, you cannot wear silky and light clothes with a heavy cotton diaper because it will be visible; instead, you can search for plastic-backed diapers that are also light.

5.    Budget

Diapers come at different prices based on their quality and sizes. You need to purchase diapers that are within your budget. You can visit sites to try and see a diaper that meets your budget and has all the features you want.

Premium diaper brands have a wetness indicator that lets you know whether it is full, hence avoiding any overflow leakages. Besides, it will prevent your skin from rashes from wearing wet diapers for long hours.

Moreover, the diapers also have an odor control that will help you manage urine odor.


Incontinence is a health problem that may be temporary or permanent, but it does not have to affect your social life. Using the above tips, you can get a suitable diaper brand and enjoy your day without worrying about leaks. You can also research alternative ways to control your urine leakages, like changing your diet and being more cautious of your urinary bladder.

Notably, you should change your diaper frequently to avoid getting a severe skin condition. You should also contact your doctor to advise on what diaper you can use for your incontinence and suitable ways to control it.

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