How to Get a Job in the Middle East?

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Written by Ray

March 31, 2021

The Middle East is teeming with rich culture, tourist destinations, and an economy that provides vast opportunities to job applicants even from abroad. Despite the COVID 19-pandemic, many markets are looking for new talents to supplement their expansion.

Consequently, UK applicants must make the necessary preparations and accomplish the requirements to start working in the Middle East. Consider the following tips in the job-hunting process.

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Research and Make Necessary Preparations

Research is a crucial part of landing a job in the Middle East. Before traveling, UK applicants should thoroughly examine the profession they desire as well as other career opportunities in the destination country. They should be mindful of the qualifications, skills, and experiences required in the position they are applying for. 

Apart from knowing the area of work, candidates must also familiarize themselves with the region’s cultures and practices.

Tailor the CV to the Job and Country of Destination

Organisations may differ with their requirements in countries across the Middle East. Hence, when writing a CV, one should consider not only the position and the company they want to pursue but also the cultural nuances among other territories.

The applicant’s CV should be crafted fittingly and updated periodically, including the candidate’s latest information. It is also advisable to use action words in the document to improve its chances of getting noticed by the hiring manager.

Leverage the Internet

Besides enabling a UK candidate to search for job offers abroad, the internet is also vital in expanding their network. There are many social media and professional networking platforms online that enable applicants to connect with people across international borders.

The candidate’s global connections may be used as their references, making it easier for recruiters to hire them. 

Acquire the Right Visa

Once an applicant has been accepted, they will require a work visa to start working in the Middle East. This type of visa is easier to obtain since the candidate is sponsored by the employer.

Another way to obtain a work visa is to enter a Middle Eastern country with a visit visa to look for a job and then apply for a visa status change once employment has been secured. However, the candidate must use their time wisely. Staying in the country with an expired tourist visa has corresponding sanctions.

Visa Requirements can be found in the links below:

Visa Medicals

Besides a work visa, other employment requirements include visa medical, passport copies, employee photos, proof of job offer (e.g., letter), visa application, work permit, and other necessary documents stipulated by the company and the country.

With the new travel protocols implemented because of the COVID-19 pandemic, travellers will have to present a fit-to-fly certificate and comply with other health mandates in the destination country.

Harley Medic International offers visa services in the UK with over 40 years of experience dating back to 1980. They can help UK applicants with UAE Embassy or Saudi Embassy Attestation and many other Middle Eastern countries when getting the necessary documents for traveling or working in these region.

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Find the full list of document attestation requirements for the following countries:


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