How to safely travel during the COVID-19 pandemic

Written by aarondamiani9

February 15, 2021

COVID-19 has been a real pain for the past year and now eventually mutating as well as moving at a faster spread ratio. This post will let you know how you can travel safely during the COVID 19 pandemic and how you “CANNOT” get the Coronavirus while traveling.

Apart from all the regular safety protocols that are kept on getting enforced on us time after time for our own protection, we will be neglected because we know that this thing needs to get bottomed up in a bit more precautionary way.

All of our focus has been lately on Hand Washing, Using Hand Sanitizer, Not touching the face or mask, or maintaining at least 6 feet of distance. But do you think that these standard objectives are enough? Obviously Not! Because of the COVID-19 being an airborne and respiratory virus, there is a 70% chance of inhaling the bacteria or virus filled air and getting exposed.

Here are 5 tips for safekeeping oneself while traveling and flying to prevent and organize supreme ways of prevention.


To get a hold of things in a perfect way, these tips were tested to be relevantly of high security rather than standard procedures and SOPs.

Tip #1

“Wear an elastomeric respirator or an N95 respirator mask.”

Finding out and wearing a product that gives the best results rather than wearing the ones that don’t is probably a better way of staying safe from getting exposed. The elastomeric respirator or an N95 Mask filters out at least 95% of the bacteria particles that are simply flying in the air waiting to be inhaled.

Tip #2

“Try avoiding long flights.”

We recommend this because the longer the flight, the longer the potential exposure will be. Apart from all the basic divisions of getting exposed, one of these divisions is the amount of time you spend while traveling on flights. There are potentially more chances that you inhale the virus if there is a person sitting next to you for the past several hours rather than just two or maybe three hours.

Tip #3

“Bring Sanitizing Wipes”

Most of the time, we use the tray in flights during our traveling experience, which many people don’t think of but need to, as the tray might be a very volatile place to get affected from. Bringing multiple sanitizing wipes with you on your traveling journey would be an excellent way of getting a cleaned tray – all free from bacteria.

Tip #4

“Wearing Eye Goggles”

One thing that you want to be happening with you while traveling is getting air blown into your eyes. Because the bacteria is airborne and this is another way of you getting infected by the coronavirus. Keep those goggles intact while traveling to be extra sure that you have traveled to the place without potentially being exposed.

Tip #5

“Bring Hand Sanitizer With you.”

Last but not least, this precautionary should be kept in check at all costs because while traveling, your hands will be the only part of your body that will continuously operate. You’re going to be getting your hands dirty a lot, and the respiratory droplets will obviously drop onto your hands. Keep on sanitizing your hands and don’t touch your face until you are sure that your hands are clean.

Check out the PCR requirements in your Area.

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