PCR Travel Requirements For Hong Kong


Written by HMI

March 2, 2021

Rules and Regulations before Arriving at Hong Kong Airport

If you are a resident of China here are the few steps that you need to take into consideration before your travel:

  • It is a must to get a negative COVID-19 test before your travel. The test needs to be done 72 hours before your flight departing time. Nevertheless, if the you have a connecting flight to Hong Kong you need to take your test no more than 72 hours before your arrival at Hong Kong.
  • When providing your PCR Test on the board you should take this into consideration: the name on the test is the same as in the passport and the clinic that conducted the test (ISO 15189 or UKAS accredited).

Please Note: Spouses and children of Hong Kong resident are granted entry. These type of family members are part of the tourists or international travellers.

If you are tourist or other international traveller, here are the few steps that you need to take into consideration before your travel:

  • Any type of travel (work, education or visa) is welcomed as long as you provide the correct paperwork on the board.
  • For COVID-19 Test papers, please re-read the bullet points for China residents.

Please Note: NHS PCR Tests are not valid for your international travel.

Rules & Regulations Upon Arrival at Hong Kong Airports

  • Quarantine needs to be done either in a hotel or in a government quarantine centre for 14 days. The Hotel chosen from you needs to be booked for at least 14 days.

Please Note: A Bluetooth wristband will be given to you, which will be connected to your phone and will alert if the building is left without any certain notice. If the quarantine space is left, a fine will be given to you.

  • All travellers will go under a COVID-19 Swap Test when going out of the airpot.
  • From December the 2nd 2020 you are only allowed to meet ONE other person. A fine will be given to you if the rule is broke.
  • Masks are a composer at all times. A fine will be given to you if the rule is broken.

For travel to Hong Kong from UK is preferably to take COVID-19 Test at private clinics. To get you fly to fly certificate at any clinic, please click on the link: https://tests.harleymedic.co.uk/v2/#book where you can book your PCR Test online or over the phone for the nearest clinic around UK & Scotland.

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