PCR Requirements for India


Written by HMI

March 2, 2021

Rules & Regulations before Traveling to India

Before booking a flight to India, you need to make sure that you a citizen or originally of India. E-visa, tourist visa and medical visas are currently suspended by the country.

Please Note: Cardholders or specific foreign countries are only allowed to go to India via Vande Bharat or third country flights.

If travelling for business or education, please refer to Ministry of External Affairs.

Please Note: Restrictions & Regulations are changed daily, please refer to the government website to check the latest updates.

When traveling to India is preferably to do a COVID-19 Test and PCR Test so when departing you do not need to spend time in institutional isolation. The Test needs to be taken 72 hour before arriving to India.

Please Note: When arriving to India some airpots provide a PCR Tests, but you will be under institutional quarantine until you do not get your results.

Rules & Regulations when departing in India

All passengers will be checked on the board for any symptoms of COVID-19. If a symptom is shown that certain person will be escorted to a special medical facility. Nevertheless, all passengers have to submit online or at the port a self-declaration.

If a PCR Test is provided you have the ability to choose a place of 14 days of isolation. However, if you choose not to provide a PCR Test the first 7 days of the quarantine will be spend in paid for facility and the other 7 days it will be spend on a location of your choice.

To get the safest and enjoyable travel to India it is preferably to do a PCR Test. All your results will come with 99.9% accuracy. If you need to book your PCR Test you can do it on this link: https://www.harleymedic.co.uk/fit-to-fly-covid-test/

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