Role of IT Solutions in The Clinical Lab

Written by Adonis Hakk

December 28, 2022

Clinical labs play a significant role in patient care. Nowadays, labs are under extreme pressure to produce accurate, consistent, and productive results among increasing test volumes and reduced resources. Test volumes are increasing every day in contrast with resources, which is why most labs are experiencing a reduction in the resources to meet their daily needs.

Financial pressure, shortage of staff, less space and time limitations have urged the clinical labs to find a remedy to all of these complications. IT solutions in healthcare is a magic bullet to all these complications as it has benefited many overburdened labs to get their workflow right and to gain more productive results than before. IT solutions help labs to regain their productivity, consistency as well as accuracy to increase their trust flow with their patients.

In this blog post, we will talk about how IT solutions can help clinical labs to transform their weakness into their strength. It is often quoted from medical providers that 70% of medical decisions have been made on the basis of results. It means Labs play the most important role in the treatment of patients.

What is LIS & LIMS?

LIS stands for Laboratory Information System, which is used in laboratories to store and track patient data related to lab visits. It also includes test orders, processing, and results. Similarly, LIMS stands for Laboratory Information Management System, which is similar to LIS, but LIS is patient-focused and LIMS is system focused. It is used in sample management and associated data.

Importance of LIS & LIMS

Both these technologies have a lot of benefits for the patients as well as medical health providers because these technologies allow them to work faster to get more efficient and reproducible results every time. These technologies keep all the previous data of patients secure. These technologies are not only secure but can retrieve all data in seconds when patients need it.

  1. Work fast
  2. Keep data secure and safe
  3. Provide facility for retrieval of previous data for patients

Barriers to Using IT Solutions in Labs

There are no such barriers for big clinical laboratories to use IT solutions for the betterment of the patient’s care in their labs. But some limitations exist for the small labs as they have very few resources and do not have enough

  • IT Infrastructure
  • Money to buy this system
  • Laboratory space

These are some of the root causes small labs are unable to use these modern-day solutions to cope with their complications.

Advantages of IT Solutions in Labs

Information technology has a great impact on the efficiency of clinical laboratories. It is very useful for the lab staff to collect all the information, history, and analytics of a patient with the help of modern technology to diagnose more effectively. IT support has made it look very easy to save patient history, which would be useful for future use. 

Some of the advantages of IT are given below.

  1. Fast turnaround time
  2. Improve workflow
  3. Very consistent
  4. Reproducible results
  5. Reduces workload
  6. Less cost


This era is a transition era because we can see every field is working to give the best facilities to their users to enhance their productivity. Similarly, Clinical Labs are also changing their trends and products as they intend to benefit and improve patient care. We all know that labs have a most important role in the treatment of patients, as medical specialists also decide what to do next after getting lab reports. It means the life of patients depends upon laboratory results, so labs are also working to find some better ways in the form of Information technology to benefit their patients. 

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