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January 18, 2021

Just when we started to think that the COVID-19 situation might be getting under control, it began to bolster up with a newer mutation. According to recent surveys and research, the experts have made it pretty clear that this COVID-19 mutation can spread at a faster-growing ratio.

Although some things about this upgraded version of disaster can be a real headache for different regions throughout the world, with some negative points, there are also some positive points because of the awareness and technological research.


The coronavirus is continually changing its genetic code, leading to creating a new way of affecting its hosts and the way it genetically looks. You might not know about the things that the newer mutation brings. To grab hold of these details, take a peek down below:

The New COVID-19 Strain

Viruses have the nature of trying to get upgraded and making up a better environment for themselves. Most of the time, when viruses mutate and make copies of themselves, they make mistakes that are pretty much lethal to their own nature. This might lead to its death as they don’t survive because of the mistakes while making copies.

Better Control In Own Environment

Instead of making copies in an open situation, the newer virus mutation of COVID-19 is making better progress by multiplying in their own environment, which in this case are the human cells.

How much faster is it spreading?

Professor Paul Tambayah, president of the pacific society of clinical microbiology, discussed in a recent talk show interview that “We don’t know for sure if it’s ten times more infectious going from human to human, but we know that it is around ten times more infectious in the laboratory going from cell to cell.”, he again stated that “This doesn’t necessarily mean that its more infectious from human to human.”

Mutation of Virus appears to be more dangerous but less deadly ~ Professor Paul Tambaya


We know right now about the severity of the newer mutation because it is not so dangerous. The researchers believe that the mutations we have seen since the beginning are actually not making these cases hit a more dangerous level.

The researchers are concerned that the recent mutation known as the D614G gene might make the overall virus a bit more contagious, but the study is limited to cells in a laboratory. There have been a couple of theories about the contagion rate, but at the moment, we understand the pattern but are not really sure about how far this mutation will take this conundrum of infections.

Can this virus potentially mutate any further?

Although there is no incentive for the virus to mutate any further as it is currently dominating it’s enviorment, it is still thought to be unpredictable because the virus’s microbiology can produce some tight ends that might help in its mutation on further notice.

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