Benefits of On-site Rapid Testing for Businesses

Benefits of On-site Rapid Testing for Businesses

Written by Adonis Hakk

August 31, 2021

Employers should consider onsite COVID-19 testing for their employees, ensuring their safety and a healthy work environment. While screening and having employees get tested on their own time can help significantly, onsite rapid antigen testing makes the process more streamlined and efficient.

Why choose the COVID-19 rapid test?

The task of tracking, testing, and confirming positive coronavirus cases is undoubtedly a difficult task. But in workplaces where the virus can spread rapidly across hundreds and even thousands of employees, the task becomes even more daunting.

Employers have little to no control over their worker’s diligence in proper hygiene and social distancing when outside the office. Considering an onsite COVID-19 rapid testing for employees is beneficial and could be administered in high-risk workplaces where quick results can assist in quickly isolating positive cases. Thus, it can help prevent an outbreak.

A rapid antigen test takes less than a minute to administer and will provide results in 15 minutes or it might take longer based on several factors. The Rapid Antigen test is done through a nasal or throat swab and is then placed into a liquid solution where the presence of proteins is searched for. If these proteins are found this suggests a current infection with COVID-19 virus.

Below are the benefits of onsite COVID-19 rapid testing for businesses: 

1. Employers can ensure that all employees will get tested.

There are instances where employees might falsify test results for fear of losing days of work. Others might opt to not get tested at all, whether due to shortages in testing capacities, long lines at testing centres, or simply because they choose not to.

Such occurrences can be avoided if employers were to conduct an onsite Covid-19 test. It will prevent problems about self-certification about getting tested and streamline the testing process to keep workers and customers safe.

2. It can reduce the chance of interruption for business operations.

An onsite test for coronavirus can effectively act as an early warning system in identifying individuals with an active case of COVID-19. This safety measure will prevent spread among staff and, in the worst-case scenario, forced business closure affecting both employers and the employees.  Employers can also effectively conduct contact tracing for individuals who have been in close contact with a sick employee.

3. Get accurate results in 30 minutes or less.

Immediate results of COVID-19 help identify and quickly isolate those who have been infected with the virus. The processing speed of the test helps businesses prevent further risk of spreading and guarantee that people who report in physical workplaces do not put others at risk.

Employers can benefit from this as employees can feel supported beyond just professionally. The support they receive can contribute to helping workers cope with the pressure of working during the pandemic and improve the relationship between employers and their subordinates.

4. Avoid mistakes in COVID-19 testing protocols.

Many employers might consider a DIY COVID-19 testing kit as it is cost-effective and the purchasing process is straightforward. It is also convenient and quick to use. However, in using these, various rules and regulations must be followed.

Onsite COVID-19 testing for businesses administered by a reputable private coronavirus testing provider can save the time and hassle of doing research. Such testing providers are well-versed in local laws, restrictions, privacy regulations and will help ensure that the onsite testing conducted for your business adheres to state and federal guidelines.

Moreover, results from DIY COVID-19 tests might be considered dangerous given results can produce false negatives, and people will not have a way of knowing they are spreading the virus until it is too late.

5. It is easy to book onsite testing for employees.

Booking COVID-19 testing is as easy as filling up a form online and a phone call consultation from a reputable testing provider like Harley Medic Global.

Harley Medic Global offers corporate mass testing to help ensure business continuity and the safety of all employees. They provide COVID-19 antigen testing, which can be conducted by a health care professional in less than five minutes.

With employees returning to workplaces, employers must get their employees regularly tested to avoid workplace outbreaks. Visit Harley Medic Global’s website at to learn more about their services.

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