What Coronavirus Tests Do I Still Need to Travel Abroad?


Written by Adonis Hakk

February 15, 2022

From February 11, 2022, arrivals in England after 4 AM will not be subjected to any COVID-19 or Coronavirus travel tests before departure and on arrival.

What are the changes for testing requirements starting February 11?

Fully vaccinated travellers and those under 18 years of age do not need to take a lateral flow test or LFT two days after arriving in England, Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland. They are also exempt from quarantine measures or the day 2 and 8 testing scheme.

However, visitors must still prove a negative coronavirus test taken two days before travelling and take a post-arrival PCR test. They are not required to self-isolate upon arrival unless their day two test is positive.

Travellers will also need to present and complete a passenger locator form before travelling to England. They can submit the form online. The paper must be presented when checking in to travel or boarding a plane, train, or ferry to the UK.

How do I know if I am considered fully vaccinated in the UK?

A person is considered fully vaccinated in the UK if they have had two doses of a two-dose series and a single dose of a one-dose COVID-19 vaccine. Those who had at least two jabs of the vaccine will be granted NHS COVID Pass, allowing access to venues and events with restricted entry requirements.

Digital COVID Passes showing proof of vaccination can be downloaded to phones, and test results can be in the form of a printed document, email, or text that must be in English, French, or Spanish. European Union residents can use their EU Digital Covid Certificate to show both test results and vaccination status.

For non-UK travellers must have received their jabs in a territory or country with an “approved proof of vaccination.” This covers most countries globally, including China, which will join on February 11.

General Travel Rules in the UK for Unvaccinated Travellers

Before departure:

Unvaccinated travellers in the UK must complete a passenger locator form take an LFT or PCR test before departure. The test can be taken in the country a traveller is currently in or in another country en route to the UK.

Should a traveller test positive for COVID-19, they must follow the rules in their country and postpone travel plans to the UK.

After arrival:

Travellers who are not considered fully jabbed must quarantine for ten days upon arrival in the UK. They are also subjected to two PCR tests on days two and eight of their isolation period. Such tests must be booked in advance and bought privately from a government-approved list of providers.

Those who want to end their quarantine period early can have the test to release scheme by taking a PCR test after five days of isolation. Should the results come back as negative, travellers can leave quarantine. However, they must still take a PCR test on day eight.

What Are The Current Testing Rules in Other Countries?

You can visit a specific country’s official website to know their entry requirements. Ensure to view them before travelling as travel rules can quickly change. Also, only a few countries allow unvaccinated travellers to enter their borders.

Are you looking for a testing provider?

Harley Medic Global is a government-approved testing provider and an expert in COVID-19 testing. They have many locations across the UK, ensuring that a testing centre is near you. Getting a test is as easy as booking online and finding their closest clinic. Visit their website harleymedic.co.uk to learn more.

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