Harley Medic Global Launches New Services

Written by Adonis Hakk

June 18, 2021

Harley Medic Global has successfully expanded into COVID-19 testing in the past months, with a nationwide rollout spearheaded by its operations director, Adonis Hakkim. As a result, their network has grown to more than 50 clinics and testing centres across the UK. 

The company’s all-inclusive Fit to Fly COVID test covers a same-day, next-day, and two-day service that has received a 95% positive review rate, reflecting their commitment to meet customers’ needs with the highest standards.

These coronavirus tests are essential for facilitating safe travels domestically and abroad, especially with travel restrictions requiring passengers to present a current Fit to Fly certificate to indicate that they have been tested negative recently for COVID-19.

After positioning itself at the forefront of COVID-19 testing in the UK, Harley Medic Global announces more projects to join their service line-up, including private blood tests and aesthetic procedures.

Private Genetic and Blood Tests

Harley Medic Global believes that people should have control of their health, and their private genetic and blood tests give precisely that.

These tests analyse a person’s blood biomarkers to provide objective data and results about their health. This way, people will have an accurate means of determining what is going on with their body, making it easier to detect possible health problems or monitor the body’s response to prescriptions or other health regimens.

The private blood test can be administered at a clinic or by sending a sample to their labs. Since many might still be wary of visiting their GP in person because of the pandemic, conducting a private genetic and blood test is the easiest means of assessing and monitoring their health and wellbeing while staying remote.

People may request which blood test they should take, which they are advise to take an online quiz to identify the option most suitable for them.

For a full list of Harley Medic Global’s private blood tests, click here.

Aesthetic and Cosmetic Procedures

Delving into the field of aesthetics, Harley Medic Global now offers nose filler, lip filler, tear trough filler, and Botox. These services can help people be the most confident version of themselves by achieving their desired look or simply regaining their youthful appearance. 

As a staunch advocate of superior customer satisfaction and top-notch services, Harley Medic Global ensures that these procedures are performed only by the best licensed and well-experienced medical professionals in the industry, using only ultra-premium quality products.

Furthermore, their professional consultants will guide clients throughout the entire process. From an in-depth consultation and analysis of the facial anatomy before carrying out the procedure to the best aftercare available in the market, they will ensure that the process is successful and exactly done as their clients wanted.

To find out more about these aesthetic and cosmetic procedures, click here.

Harley Medic Global offers medical, visa, and legalisation services in the UK with over 40 years of experience dating back to 1979. Contact us today at 0207 629 0253 or 0330 390 3666, email us at info@harleymedic.co.uk, or browse our website for more details on our services or to set an appointment.

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