Where to find the latest travel advice information? [Infographic]

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Written by Ray

June 17, 2021

Planning a trip is exciting, but with today’s situation, it can be pretty overwhelming. While there are many attractions and places to visit in different countries worldwide, it is no longer easy to decide as there are varying travel warnings and advisories – depending on the area and its relative risk regarding the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Budget, tourist attractions, and flight length are the standard criteria travelers need to consider before traveling. But today, the most important thing to consider when booking a domestic or abroad trip is looking for the latest travel advice information. The question is, “where?”.

If you decide to plan for a trip, check out the websites below that provide the latest travel advisories for your intended destination. 


Internal Health and TravelThe World Health Organization have information for travelers seeking advice on the risks and hazards of their chosen destination.Their website also includes precautions needed to protect their health and minimize the risks of acquiring a disease, particularly the coronavirus.

United States

U.S Department of State – Travel Advisories – this website has the latest travel information that is updated depending on the changes in conditions of a country. They also offer several ways to receive updates for the latest travel advisories and alerts, and people are free to choose the method that works best for them at travel.state.gov/stayingconnected.

Traveler’s Health – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have COVID-19 travel recommendations by destination. They have risk assessment levels for every country in the world. Their website contains updated travel health notices and comprehensive information regarding the COVID-19.


Travel Advisories – The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade – latest travel advice and information are found in Travel Advice Index.


Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade – Provides comprehensive information on traveling in Canada or abroad.


Viaggiare Sicuri – Provides the latest information on all countries of the world in (in Italian).

New Zealand

SafeTravelThis site is published by New Zealand’s government that contains travel advice, travel safety information, and warnings.


Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores. España – Contains travel advice for all countries provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain.


Reisehinweise, Conseils aux voyageurs, Consigli di viaggio – It has Travel Safety Information provided by the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs in German, French, and Italian.

United Kingdom

Foreign Travel AdviceThis website contains advice about traveling, including the latest information about COVID-19, safety and security, entry requirements, and travel warnings.

Foreign & Commonwealth Office Country Advice – Contains country-specific travel advice.


France Ministère des Affaires étrangères – Conseils aux voyageurs – Travel warnings and advice (in French).


Auswärtiges Amt, Länder- und Reiseinformationen – Contains travel warnings of the Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany (in German).

Information Provided in Travel Advisories

Travel advisories provide people with information about the current happenings worldwide. Such information is updated regularly to reflect current circumstances about:

  • Travel security and safety
  • entry and exit requirements
  • Health conditions and concerns
  • Information about local laws and culture
  • Climate, weather reports, and updates about natural disasters

When You Should Check the Travel Advisories

  • Before booking a trip – travel advisories play a significant role when planning a trip as there are several risks and dangers in a country, and it helps to be informed.
  • Before leaving – As everything remains uncertain, anything can change within the time that passed after booking a trip. Always check travel information to ensure that you are aware of any threats and risks that could jeopardize you.

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