How do I get a Saudi Arabia Visa?

how to get a saudi arabia visa

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September 1, 2020

How to get your Saudi Arabia Visa [Complete Guide]?

How do I get a Saudi Arabia visa? A question many people have asked when looking to travel to Saudi.

Saudi Arabia – a country rich in culture and home to some of the worlds greatest historical wonders.

But how do you get a visa to the notoriously private country?

Well, if you are planning a trip to Saudi Arabia then you have come to the right article.

If you are travelling for work, tourism, business or religious reasons then you have most likely realised that there are strict rules when trying to enter the Kingdom.

As a foreign national, it is required that you have a visa to enter Saudi Arabia.

In this article, I will tell you exactly how to get a visa to Saudi Arabia and which type of visa suits your needs the best.

To begin with, you have to determine what type of visa suits your trip. This is because depending on the purpose of your trip you will have a different type of visa required:

Please remember: You cannot get a visa upon arrival!

Before we start explaining the specific requirements for each visa, here is a list of universal requirements for all visas.

Saudi Arabia Visa Requirements

UK Passport
  1. Passport with 6-months validity
  2. Two free pages in your passport
  3. Two colour passport photos

Next you will need to choose which type of visa you require.

Here are the main types of visas available: 

Work Visa – Travelling for work

Tourist Visa – Travelling for tourism

Business visa – Travelling for business, meetings and conferences

Religious – Travelling for pilgrimage etc

Family Visit – Travelling for a family visit

So now you have decided which type of visa you need, we can tell you have to get that specific visa as they all have different requirements. Click to skip ahead to that section.

How do I get a Saudi Work Visa?

Saudi Oil Rig

Work Visa – To begin with, this is probably the most complicated visa to get. I would highly recommend you get in touch with a verified Saudi visa agent to assist you. There are many steps to get this visa.

 Essentially you have to:

1. Get a job offer overseas  

2. Now get in touch with your employer, and get a copy of your contract and other relevant documents – click here for the full list of Saudi Work Visa Requirements

3. You will now need to get these documents officially verified

4. From here you will need to get a medical report, to verify you are fit and healthy to enter the Kingdom – to get a Saudi visa medical report click here.

5. Next, certain documents such as your degree and other certification will also need to be verified by two separate parties and legalised by the FCO

6. Finally, you will be able to submit your documents to the Saudi Embassy through a verified agent

Yes, this is quite a complicated process, but it can be simplified if you use a visa agent who knows exactly what they are doing.

 This is to save you time and money, as applications can get rejected if submitted incorrectly.

Not to worry, the other types of visas are slightly easier to handle.

How to get a Saudi Tourist Visa and Requirements?

The Saudi Arabia tourist visa is new. It was launched at the beginning of this year to bring new opportunities to the Kingdom.

Here is an article that outlines the main objectives of the Saudi tourist visa by the TelegraphClick here to read what gulf news has to say about it.

So you will need a Saudi tourist visa if you are travelling for tourism reasons. You can get one online by filling out a quick application online. Here are the websites that offer Saudi eVisa.

Next we will discuss how to get a Saudi Business visa.

You can get a Saudi Arabia business visa by getting a Saudi business invitation. This can be applied for by the person/company you are visiting.

After this, you will need to fill out a Saudi business form. Just email us on and request a Saudi Business application form and we can get it over to you.

You will also need an LOI (letter of introduction) from your employer.

 Finally, your documents will need to be submitted to the Saudi embassy for the visa to be issued.

Saudi Arabia Hajj/Umrah Visa

Pilgrims in mecca

To get your hajj or Umrah visa you need a round trip ticket to the Kingdom. With return flights back to your home country.

You will need to complete an application form which you can get from here.

Additionally, you will need proof of vaccination from meningitis and ACYW135.

If you require more information on getting a Hajj or Umrah Visa click here.


How to get a Saudi Family visit visa?

Getting a family visit visa to Saudi can be straight forward when you have the right information and help.

I highly recommend you use a verified agent to help with all application as they are registered with the Saudi embassy to help provide these services.

To begin with, you will need proof of relationship to the person you are visiting. Such as a marriage certificate.

Then you will need a Saudi visa application form which you can get from here.

You also are required to have a visa referral note, which states a date of invitation issuance.

For more information on getting a Saudi Family visit visa click here.

Now for FAQ’s regarding how to get a Saudi Arabia Visa?

How long can I stay in Saudi Arabia for?

This completely depends on the type of visa you get, but they range from single entry for 30 days all the way up to multiple entries for 5 years. But of course, the longer the stay the more expensive it is.

How much does a visa cost?

Once again this varies on the type of visa but can range fro £10 to a couple of hundred pounds.

How long does a visa take to get?

Evisas are very quick to obtain. Some visas take three days to get. And some such as the work visas can take up to a few weeks especially when document attestation by the SACB is required.

Do I need an invitation from Saudi Arabia?

 Yes, all visitors are required to have an invitation unless travelling on a tourist visa.

Do I need to go to the Saudi Embassy in person?

Not necessarily, you can always appoint an agent to do this for you.

For any more information regarding getting a Saudi Arabia Visa to click here.

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