6 Tips for Staying Fit and Functional Over Lockdown

Written by HMI

November 19, 2020

COVID-19 has ushered in a new era for us all. Looking at the forced closure of my business was shocking at first. With the helpful pressure of a persistent patient, I successfully treated him remotely via a video link on the first day of lockdown. It all comes down to a careful examination, the correct diagnosis, identifying the primary muscle dysfunction of the original injury, and distinguishing it from the other layers of postural compensation.

By showing the patient how to unpick these layers of injury with different movements, breath work and realignment techniques the results have been amazing. Exercise prescription is helpful and the advice and understanding of avoiding a recurrence with simple guidelines are all important.The evolved Osteopathic video treatment has taken me all around the world Canada, Europe, South Africa etc. all from my office as well as across the UK. I have been helping medically retired military veterans by donating a video clinic each week to the charity ‘Supporting Wounded Veterans’ too. 

We opened up again in August with PPE and new cleaning protocols and we still use video for those who prefer. This is a new way of working on every level which means everyone is adjusting, for some it is easier to see me by video especially if shielding or travelling.The most common injury recently appears to be neck and upper back related often due to poor working from home practices. When working from home remember 

  1. Move every 10-15 minutes do not just sit there staring into the screen for ages [stand up frequently every 30 mins minimally]
  2. Seat height should be at knee level or slightly higher
  3. -Your back should be held in a neutral posture by the back of the chair [with appropriate lumbar support]
  4. The keyboard and mouse should be comfortably close so that your arms rest on the chair arms and your elbows are directly beneath your shoulders [not stretched away from your body]
  5. The screen height and distance need to be right so if you have a lap top get a stand and attach a separate keyboard and mouse for reduced strain.
  6. Check your head is positioned over your spine [not craned forward]
    Why not come in for a review of your posture and functional health. We all need to stay as fit and well as possible so an in depth assessment can help avoid problems, and treatment and advice can prevent strain and reduce stress.

Healthy wishes,
Sandra – Prices Back Clinic

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