A Comprehensive Guide to Saudi Arabia Visas

Saudi Visa

Written by HMI

June 10, 2020

The different types of Saudi Visas and how to get them (UK)

Saudi Arabia Visa

Citizens of the United Kingdom must have a Saudi Arabian visa to enter legally. Saudi Arabia has different types of visas depending on the requirements of travelers.

1.           Saudi Arabia Family Visit Visa and Personal Visit Visa

A family visit visa allows people from the UK to meet their relatives staying in the country. They have to leave the country before the visa validity expires. Foreign applicants have to submit the medical certificate and proof of relationship with the citizen staying in the country. A recently taken photograph, passport with six months validity, e-number, and declaration form should be submitted by the applicant.

2.           Saudi Arabia Business Visit Visa

A business visa is for foreign applicants who want to travel the country for business purposes. With the validity ranging from three months to five years, this visa offers single and multiple entries. Applicants need a recent photograph with white background, passport with six months validity, and a medical certificate. A letter of invitation should be submitted by the applicant issued by the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Foreign Affairs which should match with the employment verification letter by the applicant’s UK employer.

3.           Saudi Arabia Newborn Visa

This visa allows parents living in the country to bring their newborn baby who was born outside the country. The passport of the baby, as well as parents, should be submitted. Birth certificate, marriage certificate of parents, and baby’s photograph are also required.

4.           Saudi Arabia Escort Visa

This visa allows business visa holders to bring their spouses and children with them for a brief period. It needs a marriage certificate of the couple, birth certificate of children, authorization letter of minors from both parents, medical insurance proof, passport with six months validity, and recent photograph.

5.           Saudi Arabia Government Visit Visa

To visit the government agencies in Saudi Arabia, one must have a government visit visa. Applicant should submit a passport, photograph, invitation letter from a government agency, residence proof, and medical insurance proof.

6.           Saudi Arabia Work Visa

Individuals who are planning to work in the Kingdom of Saudi are required to obtain a work visa from the Saudi Embassy. This will provide full permission to live and work in Saudi Arabia, however, you must already have received a job offer from a company based in Saudi Arabia.

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