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PCR Test for Travel

PCR Test for Travel and Work. We have partnered with government approved PCR testing providers to offer a fast and official PCR test. We have many locations across the UK to make sure a PCR test centre is near you.

  • Official PCR Test
  • Expected 24 Hour Results
  • 24/7 support
  • PCR Tests Near You
  • Partnered with Government approved PCR Test providers

PCR Test for Travel

Many countries now require a negative PCR Test done at least 72h before arrival. The test must be booked prior to travelling and a Fit to Fly Certificate will be issued on the same day, next day or in 2 days. Book now to get your PCR test for travel.

Private COVID-19 Testing

Our PCR Tests will be carried out by a professional team in one of our clinics around the UK. The PCR is the most accurate test on the market and it certifies you are safe to travel.

Why Do I need a Private COVID-19 Test?

When considering if you should get a private Covid-19 test, it is worth noting that most countries now require a negative test on arrival. The test also gives a cerificate which alows you to travel and go to other countries, as well as reduce your self-isolation period after international travel.

What is a Private COVID-19 Test? 

A private COVID-19 Test is a nose and throat swab which tells you if you are Covid-19 positive. The test is is made by professional staff and then sent to a laboratory, with the results available in less than 48h in most cases.

What is a private RT-PCR Test

RT-PCR Test is accepted by all countries and is from a UKAS accredited laboratory. It shows if you have the virus at the moment and is accepted and required by most airlines.

What is a PCR Covid Test for Travel?

PCR stands for polymerase chain reaction (PCR).


PCR tests are engineered to look for specific strains of RNA (genetic material) present in a sample.

These tests are the most accurate form of testing available on the market and are much more effective than antigen or antibody tests.

The PCR test can be conducted by using a swab to the back of the throat or/and mouth or via a collection of saliva.


Why Choose Our PCR Test

  • UKAS + ISO Approved
  • Expected 12 to 36 Hour results
  • 99% Accuracy
  • Same day service
  • The most affordable prices
  •  Tracked service from start to finish
  • Great Customer service

We offer an all-inclusive private PCR testing service. Common reasons people require the PCR test (which we offer) include:

  • Fit to fly PCR Covid Test
  • To check if you currently have COVID-19
  • For the test to release scheme
  • To return back to work (corporate testing)


    Fit to Fly COVID Test

    Our PCR Test Locations

    Due to unprecedented demand, we are pleased to announce we have opened multiple new locations across the UK. You can find a full clinic list below:

    London PCR COVID Test Clinics

    Rest of the UK Clinic Locations

    Scotland PCR Test Centres

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    PCR Test

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    Available Time: 09:00 to 18:00
    From Monday to Saturday.



    STEP 1

    Call us or book a test online. We will send you a confirmation and instructions for your test such as location and timing.


    STEP 2

    You will conduct your test at one one of our clinics and we will send you the results usually by 11:00 pm the next day if you attend before 14:00.


    STEP 3

    You receive your results and certificate by email and you are now ready to fly. Have a great trip!

    Fit to Fly Certificate

    Most countries now require a Covid Fit to Fly Certificate. If you are travelling abroad then both airlines and governments may request a PCR COVID-19 test to show you do not have the virus. 

    Fast & Affordable PCR TESTS

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    Disclaimer: We may outsource testing services to a third party. We do not hold any liability for the third parties ability to deliver results in time. Upon making a booking through our website, either over the phone or through the website you agree to our terms and conditions. For a full list of terms and condition please click here. 

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