Private Blood and Medical Checks in the UK

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Written by Adonis Hakk

May 30, 2021

Maintaining good health and well-being is essential in our lives, especially now that we are still facing the threats of the COVID-19 pandemic. Good health and well-being have always been valuable, and it is vital to take positive steps in staying healthy such as a balanced diet, regular exercise, or stopping smoking.

In taking good care of our health, having blood and health checks can help spot health problems before it gets too severe. In this pandemic, getting a PCR Test and a Fit to Fly COVID Test are becoming essential requirements in fighting the threats of the virus. If you live in England, there are some crucial facts to know before proceeding with private blood tests and health checks.

Questions to Ask in Getting Private Health Checks

Private screening offers various health checks, including simple blood tests, physical examinations, full-body scans, and screening for serious health issues such as aneurysms or heart failure. If you’re considering getting a private health check, it is recommended to ask the following questions first.

  • What do I hope to gain from this test?

In getting health checks, you should look for clear and balanced information about what’s being tested, including the possible harm that may come your way. Knowing what you want to find out from getting a private health check would help you learn more about your health.

  • Can a test do more harm than good?

Some tests have some risks that need to be considered, such as CT scans that use radiation. You should know if the benefits of getting the test would outweigh the risks. Advantages and disadvantages can be challenging to judge, so it is essential to ask for the facts and discuss any professional medical concerns.

  • What if the test picks something up from the results?

One of the apparent advantages of screening and health checks is that if you catch a health problem in its early stage, you can take action and do something about it through early intervention. It is also essential to ask early on if there is a treatment available and acceptable if the health check picks up a problem.

Things You Need to Know About Getting a Blood Check

Blood tests can provide significant insights into what can’t be seen from the outside. A blood test is a quick and easy procedure that can catch various potential health problems before getting worse. It also monitors blood sugar, heart disease risk factors, hormone balance, and levels of red and white blood cells. In getting a blood check, there are also some things that you need to know.

  • There is no standard blood test.

Not all blood tests are the same, such as the metabolic panel during a standard physical test which checks primary kidney and liver functions, glucose levels, cholesterol levels, and electrolyte levels. Some blood checks are specific to the individual based on their needs.

  • Some tests require fasting.

Some blood checks require you to fast, such as the cholesterol and glucose test. If your blood test requires you to fast, you cannot eat or drink anything for at least eight hours before the test, so it is recommended to take it first thing in the morning.

  • A blood test is a quick procedure

The process of getting a blood test takes only a few minutes. Drawing blood from your veins involves a phlebotomist inserting a needle to take a sample of your blood that will be sent to a laboratory.

  • It might be challenging to find a vein

Some people have less distinct veins than others, which would take several needle sticks before a vein to draw blood from can be seen. It should not be too hard, especially since the phlebotomist is knowledgeable in finding “shy veins” that are not as prominent as others.

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