What does COVID-19 mean for travel plans this summer and What is the test to release?

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Written by Adonis Hakk

March 14, 2021

There is no better way for relaxation than taking a trip or vacation, with summer being the perfect time to do all those. But while it might be tempting to get away and travel for fun, the question of safety is still present.

Several months have passed since the COVID-19 was declared a pandemic. It caught even the strongest nations, which the world expects to have been more prepared than any other, facing unprecedented challenges and now has the worst outbreak worldwide.

Countries are still currently dealing with mitigating the virus by implementing preventative safety measures by closing down schools, businesses, and public places to interrupt the virus’s rapid spread.

Running diagnostic tests to people disproportionately burdened by the pandemic and asymptomatic individuals plays a major role in limiting the virus’s spread.

Much of the time during the year 2020 left people bored and cooped up inside their homes with quarantine and stay-at-home orders imposed by authorities.

As such, many are pinning their hopes on the summer and would love to getaway. Today, various states have started to ease strict measures, and many wonder what COVID-19 means for their travel plans this summer.            

Before You Consider Traveling

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC, still strongly advise people to stay home over traveling since it increases the risk of acquiring the virus. However, if you do must travel, here are some important things to consider.

  • It is essential to keep up-to-date information about traveling requirements – including when to get a Fit to fly covid test and when you will require a fly certificate. Both are required by several airlines like how London Fit to fly COVID Test is required as proof that a general practitioner deemed it safe for you to fly.

The Fit to fly certificate may be necessary for travelers with a wide range of conditions or infectious diseases. Recently, many countries have begun to tighten their entry requirements, especially the UK, with the new variant of COVID-19. People who want to travel in the UK may need COVID-19 testing, and travelers can seek reputable testing providers in PCR Manchester or PCR Test Glasgow.

  • Check if your home or the area where you will be traveling to have travel requirements or restrictions. It includes checking state, territorial, and local requirements.
  • Delay traveling plans if a household member or someone you had close in contact with is sick or experiencing the coronavirus symptoms.
  • Consider getting a diagnostic test before traveling and keeping a copy of the results if you are asked for them.

Once a travel plan is all set for the summer, it is essential to be aware of any specific rules being enforced and incorporate safety protocols while on the trip. Below are some of what travelers may consider should they carry on with their travel plans for summer.

  • Cancellation policies – Many people have been immensely inconvenienced by cancellations of flights, hotel bookings, and other changes directly impacting travelers. It is best to be prepared should cancellations happen, as it is highly likely with today’s circumstances.
  • Exclusive Travels – With the on-going pandemic, staying at home is still strongly advised, and therefore, traveling is not advisable as of late. However, if you must travel, expect traveling only with people you are going with as gathering with others is still not allowed.
  • Sustainable Travels – It is still not allowed to travel to places people love to visit, especially those known to have many visitors constantly. Sustainable travels such as biking, hiking, or camping for summer are becoming increasingly attractive.
  • Short-distance Travels – While it may be tempting to go far this summer, many people will not be able to travel as they did before the pandemic. Comparing short-distance travels to the time spent inside our homes, whatever plans of going out can feel like a long journey.

What is a Test to Release?

If you plan to visit England and are from somewhere outside the UK, travelers must quarantine for ten days on arrival. The good news is, people, can end their quarantine early should they pay for a private COVID-19 test, and the results came out negative. This scheme is called the Test to Release. However, those who have not been in England for at least five days will not be allowed to participate in the scheme.

What is a Private COVID-19 Testing?

The nose and throat swab process is used to collect a sample that can tell whether you have an active infection or a COVID-19 positive. The test is handled by professional staff, and the kind of test used is PCR, as it is the most reliable in diagnosing the virus.

Why Do I need Private COVID-19 Testing?

If you consider continuing travel plans this summer, then getting private COVID-19 testing can prevent any travel disruptions as most countries require proof that you are negative from coronavirus. Also, it can give a Fit to fly certificate that certifies you are to continue traveling.

How to take part in the Test to Release scheme?

It is essential to book a test with government-approved testing providers like Harley Medic Global, which has many locations in the UK, to make sure PCR testing centers are accessible, including PCR test Leeds and PCR Test Bristol.  

Participating in the scheme is not mandatory. It is only an option for people who wants to shorten their quarantine time.

If you test negative, you can end the given quarantine period after receiving the results. On the other hand, testing positive for COVID-19 would mean an additional quarantine period, including people who had direct and close contact with you. 

If the test is inconclusive, it is still imperative to continue self-isolation. However, if you want to shorten quarantine, taking another test is always an option.


The coronavirus pandemic has immensely impacted traveling, heightening the importance of staying safe by adhering to safety protocols and staying informed about any current travel restrictions, both international and domestic.

Travel plans for this summer may not be easy to plan considering the on-going pandemic. Plans may not even come to fruition at all. However, if traveling this summer is what you need, contact Harley Medic Global to get Private COVID-19 testing that will make traveling seamless even with the coronavirus pandemic. You can email them at info@harleymedic.co.uk or call them directly at 0330 390 3666.


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